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Aug 7, 2006 08:44 PM

where should i eat lunch in culver city tomorrow?

hey ill be around the area of washington blvd. and madison tomorrow and was wondering what's good around there? cheap for sure, and preferably healthy, but if there's a good mexican spot that's just too good to pass up, please let me know! i eat all types of food...tia

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  1. Lots of choices, for sure, so I'll just toss out the Metro Diner. The Metro Diner is on Washington Place, just east of Sepulveda.

    Very fresh salads, burgers and other diner fare. They also have Serbian specialties. Run by some really nice people, too.

    1. Not quite sure where Madison is, but as for as affordable goes I think I'd go with Blue Bird Cafe or Surfas. Great sandwiches, light, healthy and tasty. Blue Bird is on National and a couple of blocks headed east past Washington (I dont know, it's really close to AOL headquarters) and Surfas is on the corner of Washington and National.

      1. Culver City is an absolute dining delight these days. I will toss out one of my favs...Novecento Pasta and Grill on Main Street. Quality Italian, pastas, chicken, fish and more. Big downside is that is it small and very loud, tables side to side so not much intimacy. Fabulous service and attention, even when it gets hectic. They draw a huge lunch crowd, so I would inquire about reservations and/or go early or late. No website that I know of, but call and ask that they fax you a menu..or check to see if they are on in Los Angeles. Surfas is more a cafe sit outside or in a few indoor tables, and is sweet for sure...not to mention the mouth watering cooking goodies they sell! To say that it is a Cook's Paradise is an understatement. I would say to avoid at ALL cost the absolutely dreadful Mexican restaurant next door to Novecento. It has been there for decades and I have stopped in when I have been short of starvation, and even then, I regreted it! LOL! My beautiful 91 year old mother grew up in Culver City and still lives near, and we are in the area alot. There are so many choices of really good places to eat.

        1. Maybe you can identify whereabouts Madison is. The stretch of Washington that runs through CC is sprinkled with many good restaurants, so depending on where you'll be, you can get different recs.

          I suppose everything is relative. But I would certainly not classify Surfas and Bluebird as "cheap." $8 may not be a lot of money, but it's pricey for an egg salad sandwich (Bluebirds), in the scheme of things. I just went to Surfas and had the turkey pannini, am so bored with Surfas (Cafe, that is).

          1. Ford's Filling Station is getting lots of buzz, and not because this is Harrison Ford's son's Culver City entry. Novecento is not on, (google for phone number and call for faxed menu or to ask where it is online) but Ford's Filling station is. I may be very wrong, but I thought Madison was in Westwood. There are restaurants dine in and take out opening daily in Culver City.

            It honestly depends on the experience you want, who you will be keeping company with. And I read of something that opened up next door to Ford's, but honestly don't remember exactly what it was.

            I think Novecento is wonderful. Have not been to Ford's as of yet. I agree with slacker that Surfas is where I would stop in if shopping,or passing by and hungry, but not for meeting a friend or business person for lunch.

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              Your right, a restaurant/bar called Madison's was in Westwood Village on Broxton, but that space had been boarded up for sometime until a few weeks ago where the sign outfront says that a "Good Earth" (I think) restaurant is going in there and activity is occurring inside to back that up.

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                Ford's is definitely not cheap. And the food is bad, so is the service. Tender Greens is next to Ford's, and it's excellent. Ugo is a couple of doors down from Tender Greens, slightly more expensive.

                I agree re Novecento, just a wonderful little northern italian place.