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Aug 7, 2006 08:27 PM

Donut Holes?

Who has good donut holes in LA, chain or otherwise?

Or, are they all pretty much the same?


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  1. Krispy Kreme has some pretty decent ones.

    1. Donut Holes are not all alike I assure you, but the fresher the better. The best I've ever had in my life were at Donuts Plus in Simi Valley, need to get there at 1AM when they are warm and fresh. My ex and I would get 2-3 dozen and gobble em up in one sitting, sigh like Homer Simpson and reel in pain simultaneously. Those were the good 'ol days.

      Donuts Plus - 1790 Erringer Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93065

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        Don't know about Donuts Plus, but I absolutely agree that fresh, if possible to the point of still being warm, makes a huge difference with donuts. One of the reasons Primos (2918 Sawtelle Blvd., (310) 478-6930) is so damn good is that they make small batches and, at any given time of the day, one has a decent chance of getting a buttermilk bar that's still warm from the fryer.

        1. re: David Kahn

          ohmigosh - i'm not even particularly a donut lover, but a fresh buttermilk bar from primo's is a beautiful thing. i went there one saturday morning to pick up donuts for an event and they had a new batch of buttermilk bars on its way so i decided to wait. primo (or is it mr. primo? i have no idea) brought me in the back to watch them in their final moments of frying (and joked that since they were mine i had to decide when they were done) and then he glazed them and off i went with my box of hot donuts. yum.

          1. re: David Kahn

            I worked in the neighborhood for a few years - Primos is responsible for a serious weight fluctuation I had during those few years... totally agree with those fresh batches throughout the day... Buttermilk bars just crispy on the corners and protruding edges - like a giant donut hole, only you can't pop a dozen in your mouth while waiting to get onto the 405 from National...

        2. Yikes. 1 am ?!?!

          I'm still digesting dinner at that time of night (or morning) ...

          But thanks for the heads up.

          1. There's a small donut shop on 16th and Santa Monica Blvd in SM. They generally have around 7 or 8 different types of holes. Some stuffed others with different glazes. Only place I know that have such a variety.

            1. can i suggest bristol farms? they have an amazing bakery and their donut holes are delish.