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Headed to Montreal for Relatively Reserved Bachelor Party - Bar/Restaurant Recommendations

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We are headed to Montreal for a relatively mature bachelor party, i.e. good food and drinks will probably take precedence over the gentlemen's clubs (although a visit is probably inevitable). I'd appreciate some restaurant recommendations for a group of six to seven guys at about $20-$25 a plate, at least one steakhouse recommendation would be great.

Also, I would appreciate any recommendations of bars or lounges where we could grab an after-dinner cocktail, maybe enjoy a cigar and/or some jazz. Our group is in their early 30's. Thanks in advance.

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  1. club super sex has a decent spaghetti special
    amazons has a 1.99 buffet during happy hour and a 24 hour diner attached. near motels too

    1. A friendly reminder, Chowhoud is about finding great food and drink, cigars and music are off topic for this board.


      1. We did The Keg steakhouse in Old Montreal a few years back and liked it. It was quite busy and in a very nice part of town. For French food, I'd head over to Bistro Gourmet on St. Mathieu or to Au Pied de Cochon on Duluth. There are also some nice BYOB places with good food like Piton de la Fournaise, though its not a steakhouse by any means.

        As for the peelers, I'd recommend Wanda's for a reserved celebration.
        Cheers, and have a good time!

        1. Steakhouses in Montreal are nothing special. Moishes is quite decent - the last time I went I had a very nice hunk of meat - but if you're used to steakhouses in NYC/Chicago/Boston et al, you won't be getting anything special.

          I hear good things about Queue de Cheval, but it's expensive and I'm sure you'll find better dining experiences elsewhere for less. Same goes for 40 Ouest, unless of course you're really into steak.

          If you're willing to sacrifice service for pretty waitresses, you may wish to try a place like Globe (on the Main), or Rosalie (downtown). Both are near nightlife so you could easily find a good place for drinks after dinner.