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veal parmigiana

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I am a transplanted New Yorker and miss the sicilian style Italian food of my youth. Thick cut veal Parmigiana smothered in cheese and broiled in a metal dish crispy and rich, spumoni and homemade ravioli and meatballs.so far the only authentic place I've found is in south lake tahoe Teps villa roma. Anything in san fran??????

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    ChowFun (derek)

    I also am eternally searching for a good "Southern Italian-American" "red sauce" New York/Jersey style restaurant...This Brooklyn boy has not found one....but parmagiana-hopes springs eternal.
    I am hoping for a positive response to your query...until then, please tell us about this restaurant in Tahoe!

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      I've taken to making it myself.

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        teps villa roma,ski run and stateline southlake tahoe,great salad bar, homemede pasta checkered table cloths great sauce,everything excellent. has other restaurants rahway nj and san diego. across street from heidi's {a great little breakfast joint also}

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        Robert Lauriston

        Trattoria la Siciliana in Berkeley makes Sicilian-style food, but I'm not sure they make anything like you describe.

        1. Try Gasparies on Geary Street for their veal parm. The pizza is also the closest to N.Y. pizza on the west coast- just ask for it very well done.

          1. Try Gasparies on Geary Street for their veal parm. The pizza is also the closest to N.Y. pizza on the west coast- just ask for it very well done.

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              if you find it please post it. I've had a heck of a time finding real italian on the west coast. An example of real italian to me means breaded (pan-fried) veal thick-cut parm sandwich with mozzarella, peppers, onions. etc. Native californians scratch their head, they've never even heard of a veal parm sandwich.

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                Maybe because it's not "real Italian" -- it's
                "real NY-style Italian American" which is not the same thing.

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                  You may be right, but then why do californians bother offering a chicken parm sandwich but not veal? Based on your logic, a chicken parm sandwich is not real italian. Odd how everyone in california is looking for real NY-style pizza.

                  The tri-state area is not the only area to offer veal parm sandwiches. Go to a real canadian-italian nieghborhood in Toronto and you'll find veal sandwiches everywhere.

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                  Robert Lauriston

                  Native Italians woulds scratch their heads, too, unless they'd spent time in the Tri-State Area.

              2. Victor's Pizza on Polk - makes a very nice and substantial Chicken Parmigiana...been around for 50 years. Excellent pizza too. Generally speaking a very solid and casual red-sauce spot that is very easy on the wallet. I'm from Long Island, so I know your So Italian food jones pain.

                1. You guys are missing the big fish of veal parmigiana. Original Joe's in San Jose on the corner of San Carlos and 1st street has been making the best veal parmigiana in the Bay Area for something like 40 years. Its served large on the big plate covered evenly with a large topping of cheese and side or ravioli. Not cheap at around $21.00 but worth every penny. Every bit is a delight.

                  1. I searched the USA for a Veal Parmagiana dish equal to the one at the now defunct Sportsman's Grill in Portland, ME.

                    Tender veal, breaded and sauteed, then baked and served in a deep dish surrounded by the sauce and topped with the cheese until it turns brown.

                    I have had so many disappointing and pathetic examples served to me I had almost stopped ordering it.

                    One place, after 25 years, finally gets it....Roma D'Italia, one in Tustin, CA and another in Ladera ranch, CA.

                    While the sauce may not be quite up to East Coast standards, everything else is.

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                      "You say to-ma-to and I say tom-a to" You say Parmagiana and I say Parmesan, recent thread:

                      P.S. Opening post and replies are 4 years old and none of your places are in the bay area.

                    2. I would suggest trying the veal parm at the Gold Mirror (Taraval&19th Ave.) and Joe's of Westlake (John Daly Blvd., Daly City). They are both pretty good, old-school, Ital-American versions of the dish.

                      Unlike much of the northeast U.S., not many Sicilians settled in NorCal. Most of the Italians that migrated here came from Northern Italy.

                      1. The veal parm, as well as the chix parm. is quite good at the Casa Orinda. They're fried chix and prime rib get all the press, but I loves me their chicken parm, or even better (but not Sicilian...) is their chicken cutlet with country gravy (ask for a biscuit with it...) Adam

                        1. Molinaris makes a Chicken Parm. and meatball sandwich.
                          Many of the sub shops make a meatball sub as well.

                          Veal isn't as hard to come by as veal that's drowning in a red gravy.

                          Marcello's, the previously suggested Gold Mirror, and Joe's of Westlake, Villa Romano, Tomasso's, Fio D'Italia, and US Restaurant which even has a veal sandwich at lunch.