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Aug 7, 2006 08:12 PM

Local farm products available at glendale whole foods

Hopefully, for those of you interested in eating locally, this info will be helpful. I was suprised to walk into the Whole Foods in Glendale yesterday and see signs plastered everywhere touting local foods. I picked up a list of local farmers that the Glendale Whole Foods is buying from and it includes Be Wise Ranch, Beck Groves, Cahuilla Farms, Cuyama Orchards, Goleta Valley Organics, Green Kingdom, Johannes Farms, Nagatoshi Organic Farms, New Union Mushroom Farm, Windrose Farms, Chino Valley Eggs, and Mauk Family Farm.

More info here:

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  1. Thanks for posting this. That's really good to know, might head over to that whole foods. Wonder if other ones are doing that too.

    1. This is a national trend with Whole Foods (and I think the Chow team may move this topic to another board) - after Whole Foods got backlash for buying from large, borderline-organic farms and getting shipments from halfway around the world (making it less environmentally friendly than locally grown conventional foods.)

      SF Chronicle article about Whole Foods going local trend here:

      1. Any brandywine tomatoes over there yet? (or anywhere?)

        1. They had some at the Glendale Whole Foods (unclear whether from a local farm or not). I've seen them at the Hollywood Farmers' Market as well.

          1. That's nice to hear. I understand that Whole Foods allows some leeway to local in-store buyers. Glendale might have an especially good buyer-- haven't seen anything at my WF.