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Aug 7, 2006 07:09 PM

Vancouver for 5 days, opinions on this line-up please

Hello, new to posting. Heading to Vancuver for vacation. Here is a preliminary line-up, opinions please:

lunch- Kirin
Dinner- Blue Water

lunch - Go Fish
Dinner- Salsa Thai

Lunch - TBA Vancouver Island - suggestions?
Dinner - Vij

Lunch - Whistler- suggestions?
Dinner: Guu with Garlic

Lunch: Phenom Penh
Dinner: West

Any and all recos for other Chinese or something I am missing very much appreciated.

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  1. First it's 'Sala Thai'.

    You're doing a day trip to the Island and hoping to be back for dinner @ Vij's?
    Not advisable-too long a day and then you'll be standing in a lineup late @ night waiting for dinner-Vij don't do ressies.

    Saturday night @ Guu w/Garlic will be jammed so stay flexible.

    1. Whistler lunch options:

      Really depends on your budget as Whistler in known for the high ends resturants (mainly offering dinner) However here are a few:

      Splitz Grill - best hamburger in whistler (nothing fancy about this place and a combo is under $10 - be sure to ask for the splitz sauce)

      Portabello - great deli style restaurant in the upper village (great sandwiches as well as pasta salads. If it's sunny take advantage of the patio. Located in the Chateau Whistler

      La Tortilla - take out (few outside seats as well as bar seating inside. Mexican Tacos, burritos, mexi fries ect. Can get very busy at lunch time especially on a nice day.

      Pasta Lupino - great lunch specials, smaller place with maybe 6 tables. Fresh homemade pasta and sauces with daily specials.

      GUU - call ahead and make a reservation unless you are planning to be there right when they open at 5:30

      1. Thank you both.

        Will reassess Friday night and maybe make a reservation at Blue Water that night and later so we can make the trip back from Vancouver Island, I didn't realize the scope of the trip when I first posted.

        Sounds like Guu w/Garlic is better for a weeknight.

        Also thanks on Whsitler.

        1. Just a suggestion... You may want to stay overnight on the island on Friday (The Aerie House in Malahat would be wonderful hotel/meal combo. Otherwise you are basically looking at a good 6 hours of ferry travel time ALONE (including embarkment, disembarkment, and travel to/from the ferry ports)

          Just Curious, what is it you would most like to see / do on the Island in 1 day?

          You could then continue up to Nanaimo and take the Horsehoe Bay ferry back, which is on the North Shore of Vancouver and much closer to the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler than the Tsawassen ferry from Victoria.

          Again, just a suggestion... Your restaurant picks all look great... Maybe do Vij on Wed or Thurs, tends to be a little less busy IMHO

          1. Another great lunch spot is Rodney's Oyster House in Yaletown.