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Aug 7, 2006 06:56 PM

What's the best Korean BBQ place in Atlanta?

I need my kalbi/bulgogi fix. I tried Hae Woo Dae off of Buford Highway and it was 'eh'. I'm from Los Angeles and then Manhattan (please don't hold that against me!) so I've been a little spoiled by the K-Towns of those cities, but if anybody can point me in the right direction of a good Korean BBQ place, you will earn my respect as a dedicated foodie.

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  1. Try So Kong Dong, also on Buford Highway. Closest I've found to the good spots in NY or California.

    1. I enjoy the grilled meats and short ribs at So Kong Dong too, but it is not a Korean BBQ. The meats are cooked in the kitchen and brought out on a sizzler platter.

      Sorry, but I've never been much of a fan of Hae Won Dae either, except for the fact that they use hot wood coals. Wish I could add more.

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      1. re: Steve Drucker

        Just a note, Korean BBQ doesn't need to be grilled at the table to be Korean BBQ. They probably do it that way to control the smell (as yummy as it is), although the experience is part of it.

      2. A friend recently took me to Yong Soo San and I now prefer it over Hae Woon Dae. So Kong Dong's BBQ (which is prepared in the back) tend to be too greasy and the selection is limited since it is more of a tofu house. Here is a link to my recent visit with photos:
        Good meat selection and they change the BBQ plates out many times during the meal to keep it clean. Good dumplings and pan chan too.

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        1. re: The Blissful Glutton

          Still need to try Yong Soo San, and no offense Bliss but that is not a very appetizing photo of meats on the grill! (a well taken photo, yes, but appetizing, no) ;)

          My favorite thing at So Kong Dong by the way was one of the spicy soups, don't recall which one, but it had tremendous flavor and a great kick to it.

        2. LOL. Well, I do not think there is an appetizing photo possibility when taking a picture of raw meat on the grill. I wanted to show their setup though which is different looking than Hae Woon Dae. It tasted awesome and isn't that all that matters?

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            Just got an email from a friend lettin gme know that YSS has closed. It will be missed. :(