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Aug 7, 2006 06:54 PM

Polla a la Brassa in K-Town / A big fat C

So I just moved to Korea Town and after asking for restaurant advice, was excited to hear how good the chicken at Polla a la Brassa was. But I arrived to see it has a 'C' rating. I have no problem eating at a 'B' rated joint. But a chicken stand with a 'C' makes me a bit nervous. Has anyone heard what they got it for? Has anyone been there since they got the 'C' and noticed a difference? To C or not to C, therein lies the question...

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  1. If you go to , you'll see that they've had straight As until their last inspection on July 14. Looks like they got dinged for 'cooling'.

    I bet you that they'll be back up to an A in no time...

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    1. re: Joe Blowe

      Interesting, and thanks for the link. Good to know.

      1. re: Joe Blowe

        I tried to look Polla ala Brasa at the publichealth website and couldn't find it listed. Can you explain what 'cooling' means?

        1. re: fexley

          Less is better - just type in 'brasa'

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            I just wanted to say after driving by Polla a la Brassa every day anxiously waiting for the C to change, I broke down last night and got a full chicken to go. Wow, this is the real deal. Dare I say it, even better then Zankou. C or no C, I am a convert! I wonder what the general Chowhound concesus would be, does a C stop you from eating at a place you really want to try or go back to?

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              If I've heard that a place is good, I don't even bother to check the grade. Eat, evaluate, share. That's about it for me.

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            It's called "Pollo A La Brasa" -- spelling counts.

            There are several places in North Hollywood that make chicken as good or better than Pollo A La Brasa (not that I'm dinging it, because it's excellent, but it's far and full of traffic!) and they all have As or Bs... but my rule is that if a restaurant I know and love gets a C, I'll still eat there until I see empirical evidence that it's dirty.

        2. I'd love a closer place...what are the NoHo chicken joints you recommend?

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            The two standouts are Super Pollo, which is in Van Nuys (close enough for gov't work!) on Van Nuys and Hamlin, between Victory and Vanowen, on the E side of the street next to the La Opinion office, and Pollo Dorado, on the NW corner of Sherman Way and Coldwater Canyon Avenue. Both places have places to sit down, sort of -- they're really geared more for takeout.

            Lola's in Glendale on Brand and California does great chicken as well and you can sit down and eat, but oy, Gottenyu, the service.