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Seeking wine shops/Seattle

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I'm also looking for recs for good wine shops in Seattle downtown/u district. Been to the nice shop in Pike's market and will return. Others?

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  1. I believe the best wine shop in Seattle is Esquin. http://www.esquin.com/
    It's on 4th, just a few blocks south of the stadiums. Whenever I go, I tell them approximately what I'm looking for and they walk me all over the store giving me MANY suggestions. (Be sure to bring a pen.) They have never steered me wrong.

    1. I really like Vineyard Wine Shop on Greenwood and N 83rd. He is very into "old-world" wines. I'm more into the lower-end wines in the $10 -$20 range (or, rather, that's what I'm forced to be into) and he has a nice selection. Mention to him that you looooove Washington Syrahs and see if he cringes....

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        I second the recommendation for The Vineyard. Patrick has yet to steer my husband wrong.

      2. The Vineyard is a very good call as Patrick really came through when we bought our rehearsal dinner wines there last month. He certainly does love his old world wines but he has some screaming deals on cheaper wines as well.


        1. Thanks for the tips. Hmmm, but what if I do like some Walla Walla syrahs, especially Russell Creek? To each his/her own. Again, thanks, I'll check 'em out.

          In Portland we have regular Friday wine tastings in the shops. Is that true in Seattle as well?

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            Sorry - I didn't intend to slight people who like Washington Syrahs. I like the ocassional one myself. Patrick (Vineyard owner) feels very strongly about the emerging homoginization of the wine industry. He does carry many Washington wines, but favors those that are less "international" in style.

            Not sure about other wine shops, but Vineyard has tastings on Wednesday nights.

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              Nick, you are spot on. Ever try to find a decent, peppery zin these days? They all make wines to the ratings. That said, there are some decent syrahs in Walla Walla because there are very, very small producers who don't care about points. Thanks again for your ideas.

          2. Seattle Cellars on 2nd and maybe Battery in belltown has friendly service and reasonable prices, also tastings thursday, I believe.

            1. I'll second Esquin, and offer the Spanish Table in the pike place market as my favorite. But I love Spanish & Portuguese wines, and that's all they offer.

              1. I have to disagree on Esquin, every time I have been there the staff has made feel inferior for wanting a $8-$12 bottle of wine.

                I have had great luck at Tarragona on Capitol Hill (1125 East Olive St at 12th Ave tarragonawine.com) limited selection, but they have always been able to recommend wines I have enjoyed. I find their wine prices very reasonable; I was able to find the same bottle of Spanish white there and Esquin for the same price.

                They have tasting every Friday from 5-7, I think this week it is Portuguese wines.

                1. We like Pete's in Eastlake (there's also a shop in Bellevue I think but I've never been) They have a nice selection and very reasonably priced.


                  1. My friends and I enjoy the Maple Leaf Cellar (north of the UDistrict on 97th and Roosevelt) - good prices, diverse selection in a very laid back neighborhood setting. Tastings every Thursday evening, you can even bring your dogs.


                    (It also just won second place on the recent NWSource voting - you may want to look at that as well to see what others voted for to get more suggestions)

                    1. McCarthy & Schiering, Queen Anne or U Dist. Great service and anything featured in stacks represents the best of what's on offer. Their palates are beyond reproach. Esquin is kind of hacky. Their newsletter is sponsored by corporate wineries and distributors. It just feels like an old man's garage in there.

                      1. The Seattle Wine Outlet on 1st Ave S. Richard Kinssies is very friendly, he knows a lot about wine, he tells good stories and he will find you something you probably haven't had before for a good price. The only drawback is that you probably won't find it again unless you return fairly quickly.


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                          Another vote for the Seattle Wine Outlet. I've enjoyed MANY tasty, inexpensive wines bought here. Owner is really nice and helpful. I think he writes a wine column for one of the local papers. This Sunday he's doing a lamb roast with some free tastings.

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                            Yet another vote for Richard and the Wine Outlet, he always has 4-5 open bottles for tasting. On the topic of WA syrahs, he's currently got a good deal on Yakima Cellars 2003 (?) Syrah, $12 down from $20. And every now and then, he manages to find solid wines that he sells 3 for $10, currently has a Spanish Valcorso but it's going fast!

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                              I stopped by today, and bought a bottle of the Syrah you mentioned as well as a case of the Valcorso. Loved them both. God I love this place!!

                        2. Not in Downtown/U District as you asked, but nearby in Capitol Hill is Vino Verite. They have lots of Washington wine, and lots of good value-priced wine too. Haj has never steered me wrong. I've gotten lots of great under $20 selections from them!

                          1. If you don't mind crossing the bridge to the Eastside, I think Pete's is the best! I've found they have the hugest choice as well as the best prices. And they often order bottles for us if they don't have what we are looking for. We deal with Dale and think he's great!

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                              Pete's is also in Seattle - in the Eastlake neighborhood.