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Aug 7, 2006 06:47 PM

Seeking wine shops/Seattle

I'm also looking for recs for good wine shops in Seattle downtown/u district. Been to the nice shop in Pike's market and will return. Others?

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  1. I believe the best wine shop in Seattle is Esquin.
    It's on 4th, just a few blocks south of the stadiums. Whenever I go, I tell them approximately what I'm looking for and they walk me all over the store giving me MANY suggestions. (Be sure to bring a pen.) They have never steered me wrong.

    1. I really like Vineyard Wine Shop on Greenwood and N 83rd. He is very into "old-world" wines. I'm more into the lower-end wines in the $10 -$20 range (or, rather, that's what I'm forced to be into) and he has a nice selection. Mention to him that you looooove Washington Syrahs and see if he cringes....

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      1. re: NickZ

        I second the recommendation for The Vineyard. Patrick has yet to steer my husband wrong.

      2. The Vineyard is a very good call as Patrick really came through when we bought our rehearsal dinner wines there last month. He certainly does love his old world wines but he has some screaming deals on cheaper wines as well.


        1. Thanks for the tips. Hmmm, but what if I do like some Walla Walla syrahs, especially Russell Creek? To each his/her own. Again, thanks, I'll check 'em out.

          In Portland we have regular Friday wine tastings in the shops. Is that true in Seattle as well?

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            Sorry - I didn't intend to slight people who like Washington Syrahs. I like the ocassional one myself. Patrick (Vineyard owner) feels very strongly about the emerging homoginization of the wine industry. He does carry many Washington wines, but favors those that are less "international" in style.

            Not sure about other wine shops, but Vineyard has tastings on Wednesday nights.

            1. re: NickZ

              Nick, you are spot on. Ever try to find a decent, peppery zin these days? They all make wines to the ratings. That said, there are some decent syrahs in Walla Walla because there are very, very small producers who don't care about points. Thanks again for your ideas.

          2. Seattle Cellars on 2nd and maybe Battery in belltown has friendly service and reasonable prices, also tastings thursday, I believe.