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Aug 7, 2006 06:44 PM

Peasant or WD-50 for birthday dinner? Or...

I've been meaning to try both of these places and need to pick a new restaurant for my boyfriend to take me to on my birthday. I'm aware these two are pretty different foodwise, but I'm trying to assess which is the better pick based on sheer tastiness of food and most fun/welcoming atmosphere (least stuffy). Opinions much appreciated. Also, feel free to throw in other suggestions, as his birthday is around the corner too!

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  1. wd 50 fo sho! no , really, the food, the experience and although it can get expensive, the price are right. then go to peasant bar downstairs for drinks!

    1. WD-50 is one of my favorite restaurants in the city precisely because they serve top notch food in a relatively casual setting. Just be forewarned that some people find the experimental cooking highly off-putting and pretentious.