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Around Dodger Stadium

I'm going to a Dodger game this week. I will go to Philippe's before the game. However, I have a couple of hours to kill before the game. Is there a restaurant with a good bar and tasty appetizers around Dodger Stadium?

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  1. The Red Lion on Glendale Blvd. Pretty darn good German fare (yes, they have appetizers as well as giant rolled hunks of meat:), and a couple of excellent bars.

      1. On Sunset just past Alvarado is Taix. A great old-school place with a big seperate bar. If you're a wine drinker, this is the place to go. Make sure you try the French Onion Soup.

        1. On Sunset west of Elysian park you have El Compadre, great Margs. Cold mexican beers and good Apps.. You could even go across the street for Dollar Dodger beers before the game at the short stop bar.
          Or on Sunset and Alvarado is Taix. Old school rest. with a huge bar great cocktails and a good happy hour.

          see you at the game.

          1. GOOD Microbrew on Sunset and Lucille.

            1. Eastside Market just down the hill from the Stadium. Nice italian sammiches. On Alpine at Figueroa Terrace.


              Nomar Garciaparra's mom took him to Eastside Market for sandwiches before watching the games as a kid. Now look how he turned out! :)

              1. Dont waste your time with Phillipes, go to the Eastside Italian market on alpine, order the #7 hot roast beef and pastrami sanwich. Red Lion and Taix are good choices for the bar.

                1. izayoi and haru ulala in little tokyo

                    1. Regarding Traxx.....I still dream about the Waldorf salad I had there....I can't wait to go back there for that!! I live 2.5 hours away (North) and just don't get down there enough.....

                      I also love Barragans.....I love their tacos's....little bits of potatoe in their tacos....yum!!! (started eating there in 1967....however, I usually eat at the one in Glendale now when I'm in town)