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Aug 7, 2006 06:07 PM

dallas jones bar-b-q bbq

anybody been recently? what's good there?

searching just produced very limited posts, although foodforbrains said recently: "Dallas Jones BBQ in the west village. (Note: this is NOT Dallas BBQ, the big chain where the beef and pork both taste like donkey.) This is a little independent place with solid bbq and amazing sides"

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  1. i think this is the place on bedford right off houston. i never went but it looks like they only have a table or two inside.

    1. I tried it years ago. Not good at all. I believe they used to be around the corner, on 6th.

      As for Dallas BBQ, I quite like their rotisserie chicken, but that's all. I've had donkey in Verona (Italy, not NJ), but I don't think it tasted like anything at Dallas BBQ.

      1. I can only say that about a year ago this place came up on the baord and was completely demolished with bad reviews.

        I can't speak for myself but search the board.

        Assuming you speak of the one on 6th ave just north of houston.

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        1. re: 2slices

          um, that's why i asked the question, a search produced 7 results:

          and of those threads, only FIVE had explicit mentions of dallas JONES BBQ (NOT dallas bbq)
          here are the tidbits:
          1."Actually Dallas Jones is reputedly better on 6th Avenue in the shadow of the Waverly theater. It's a hole in the wall with some tables and chairs and relies more on takeout, but their prices are very good (and over the years has branched out)."
          2.Regarding Blue Smoke: "I hate to say it, but I think we would've been better off at Dallas Jones..."
          3."Dallas Jones BBQ in the west village. (Note: this is NOT Dallas BBQ, the big chain where the beef and pork both taste like donkey.) This is a little independent place with solid bbq and amazing sides. Not too exp, either, and they do a lot of catering."
          4."Our fave cheap deliveries: Da Andrea, Empire Schezuan, Kai-Kai Thai (on Carmine), Dallas Jones BBQ (on 6th Ave., not part of the chain)."
          5.About Dinosaur "While it wasn't awful it isn't from what I can see a big leap forward from the old Dallas Jones BBQ chain that aspires to far, far less. "

          if you can possibly point me to a thread that i may have missed in a search, i would greatly appreciate it...

          1. re: cervisiam

            I just did some searches and can't find anything either. All I can tell u is that the place is not far from me and when I searched it a few years ago I got a clear msg that it was not so hot. Either way I'm sure it's real cheap go give it a try, I'd love to hear otherwise.

            As for me I love Dinosaur for the atmosphere and the food is also quite good (I'm a native NY'er tho). I also love Daisy may but more for the beans with burnt ends than anything else. Actually if there's a rib in anything I'm gonna gnaw on it so maybe I'm not a good judge. I can say that Blue Smoke isn't my fave, but maybe cause it feels too grown up for bbq eating.

            I'm sure that statement will annoy alot of people but whatever.

        2. If anyone is interested, Dallas Jones BBQ is a participant in the Hudson River Park's BBQ and Blues festival in two weeks. I've never been, but it sounds like it may be a nice afternoon.

          Here's the link:

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          1. re: jordanbaker

            It's usually fun. It used to be at 43rd Street. I think I was last there 2 years ago, when it was already at 14th. They rotate their vendors. Daisy Mae was there last time I went, and Blue Smoke & Virgil's were there the first time I went (when Taj Mahal headlined).

          2. Dallas Jones BBQ is near Houston/6th Ave and it is a tiny non-chainstore place (unrelated to the Dallas BBQ franchise) with seating for maybe 6 or 8 people. I first went there about 3 months ago after a change in menu it seems, and have eaten there a few times since, including take-out.

            It's very reasonably priced, portions are big, and the staff are nice. Food prep is slow. The pulled pork and boneless beef rib are good but there's too much bbq sauce mixed in. The chicken is nothing special. I like their sourcream dill potato salad & caraway seed (?) coleslaw too. Lots more side dishes I have not tried yet.

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            1. re: vicki_vale

              Yes, I remember the overabundance of too sweet sauce.