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Aug 7, 2006 06:06 PM

ktown: 6th and western: mr coffee and western soondae

after all the ktown posts, i decided to check out some spots that i hadnt been to yet.

we started at mr coffee at 6pm on sunday. it was pretty busy, heavy with the 20 something layered highlit haircut sunglasses crowd, even though the sun was down.

we got the shaved ice with red beans and fresh fruit. it was pretty big as these things usually are. about a table spooon of sliced straberries, a table spoon of sliced kiwis, a good amount of bananas and a fist sized scoop of vanilla ice cream all sitting on red beans.

this was 7 bucks. there was only one waitress there so everything was super slow motion, but youre there to see and be seen, and it was a lazy sunday late afternoon so who cars!?

i decided to try out western soondae in the same minimall. no english menu, but it has some pics and the waitress spoke some broken but manageable engrish. i gathered from her that #1 is a type of hot soup with soondae in it. $7.99 (soondae gook) #2 is dduk pokee with soondae in it (spicy rice cakes) $7.99 #3. is just soondae. at three different sizes. i got the small at $8.99 they also have different combos for big groups. most of the crowd were older ajuhmahs, ajashis and harmony's. they kept it real.

the soondae serving was pretty big. the soondae itself is about 1 inch in diameter (i've seen bigger at the markets - up to 2inches?). two layers of sun dae filling up a roughly 7inch diameter tray. we got a salty cloudy white pork borth and radish soup and some kimchi with the to go order as well. it was served with a seasoned salt and a red shrimpy chili sauce that wasnt that spicy but pretty tasty.

soon dae:
pigs blood, japchae noodles (yam noodles).

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  1. thanks for the post! not many soondae places around and my wife loves dduk bokee.

    1. i like the milk tea boba at mr coffee.

      1. Hey, I went to the soondae place about a month ago. You are right about the waitress and menu. She actually told us that we probably would not like the food. We decided to stick it out and ordered some soondae and a soup (can't remember name). Anyhow, my girl was not impressed, the waitress was right about not liking the food. I tought it was OK, at least we tried it. For us non-koreans, I would describe soondae to a dark sausage (similiar to blood sausage)with rice in it. Not bad, especially if you throw some in a noodle soup (as I did). I'll have to try mr coffee. I've seen it but haven't wondered in yet.