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Aug 7, 2006 06:01 PM

JUICY Luscious Peaches and Fresh Corn Daily in Chestnut Hill

Peaches are my favorite fruit and I am finding it next to impossible to find delicious ones. Until now! (I bought some lovely looking ones at my local farmer's market last Saturday and found them too sour to eat.) In my never ending quest for peach perfection, and my complete dedication (actually a religion at this point) to locally grown produce, I have purchased juicy, sweet, perfect textured, yellow peaches(not disappointing white ones)at the Top Of the Hill Market in Chestnut Hill this summer. The pleasure I get from eating a few of these a day makes my life worth living. And peach juice is seeping into every pore and all of my clothes. Their nectarines are fab too and the corn comes in freshly picked,EVERY morning. And gorgeous tomatoes and all grown in New Jersey.Address is 186 E. Evergreen Ave,near the intersection of Germantown and Evergreen. I love this place !!!!!!

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  1. missclaudy,

    at Sue's Produce they routinely get GREAT peaches. They're pretty good about giving you a heads up about what's fresh and what's best with regard to everything, but peaches is one fruit in which they excel (I'd also say plums, Lily's tomatoes, prunes, and seasonal apple varieties are unusually good there). I put some in a tasty fruit tart last year with plums and blueberries. Good stuff.

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      Thanks for the heads up joyirate. Is Sue's in the terminal? Can they tell you where the produce comes from? These are the kinds of things we should be posting about along with the same old boring restaurant talk on this board.It's fun!!!!!!

    2. Sue's produce is on 18th near Sansom. They can typically tell you the name of the farmer and people even make special trips in when they know that so-and-so's fresh farm eggs are arriving, things like that.

      They also have some mass-produced stuff as well (same Driscoll berries you see everywhere, that kind of thing), but a good mix. People in the past have complained that the produce doesn't keep that long but I usually use mine day-of so it's not an issue.

      1. FYI...this saturday is the Peach Festival at Linvilla Orchards

        1. Last weekend we got a bunch of "saturn peaches" at the buy fresh/buy local stand in RTM -- never had them before, and they are without a doubt the best fruit I have ever eaten in my life. The bag lasted only a few days (my son, who never eats peaches, finished them off). They look like someone sat on them. They are very delicate, and probably don't last long after picking (but they won't anyway, because they'll all be eaten). anybody see these anywhere else? we're now hooked.

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            We had saturn peaches for the first time last week and they were out of this world! they came in our csa box and they were incredible. Best peaches we've ever had. Our csa farmer said they were only available for a very short time.

          2. Sue's had them also, didn't pick any up.