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Aug 7, 2006 05:44 PM

Christmas in Merida

We will be in Merida on Christmas day. Other than the restaurants in the large hotels will any restaurants be open? If we were to drive out to Progreso or Celestin would anything be open? Any suggestions for this area would be greatly appreciated (we are in the area for three days).

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  1. Perhaps you can find some advice from guidebooks or your hotel's concierge? I realize the holidays are quite different, but when I was in Merida for independence day (Sept. 15, 1997) everyone was open.

    1. My husband and I will also be in Merida for both Christmas and New Years. I actually just emailed Chef Sterling at Los Dos about this exact same problem. I will repost when i hear...

      1. there is a lovely restaurant in an old hacienda, can't remember the name but if you are coming into Merida from the south it is on the right hand side of the road about 6 miles from centro. The setting is beautiful and the food runs from fantastic to so so. I think the locals will know it.
        Another good choice would be Los Almendros.

        1. name of the restaurant is Hacienda Teya, only open till about 7 and it is on the road to Cancun

          1. Bebs, thank you so much!