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Aug 7, 2006 05:37 PM

LA Chowhounder coming to SF - need recommendations

Hello people. I'm planning on going up next Wednesday and will be there through Saturday evening to visit a friend. It will pretty much be my first time experiencing the area and would love some recommendations on places to try. Mostly cool laid back places, and one REALLY nice dinner. Thanks!

I will definitely be checking out the Ferry Building, and my friend has recommended Delfina, First Crush, Levende Lounge, Circolo and The Slanted Door.....

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  1. Do a board search for First Crush, reports have generally been unenthusiastic.

    If you want a wine bar with full menu, Cav. Straight wine bar with cheese & charcuterie, WINE Bar & Shop, Hidden Vine, or Hotel Biron.

    1. Circolo and Levende Lounge are not great either in my opinion.

      1. luella gets high praise, or frascati kitty-korner

        and zarzuela has come back.

        Ti couz [crepes] gets praise, I felt an eh after my one meal there though.

        Cool and laid back is kinda of an oxymoron in this town. Myth?