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Aug 7, 2006 05:13 PM

We Did Pretzels! Whats your Favorite Potato Chip?

My favorite is a local brand, from Hanover PA. UTZ'S.

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  1. The best chips are also in the same neck of the woods you were in, Utz's cooked in lard. The only thing better would be if they were cooked in duck fat!

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    1. I recently tried Kettle Chips Spicy Thai....very good and nice and spicy. I also like the Kettle Chip Baked Chips.

      1. Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar... I haven't bought a bag in about six months... it's something I'm actually proud of... LOL!! :)


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          I love Kettle too. After indulging myself with them for about 6 weeks I am going to have to get tough and wean myself back off of them. The Spicy Thai, Vinegar adn Sea Salt. Lightly Salted with Black Pepper. The only ones that did not really interest me were the Cheddar and Beer they really did not have much cheddar or beer flavor.

          1. re: Candy

            I too am a fan of Kettle Chips, but for me I adore the salt and pepper and the sea salt--kind of a chip purist.

            But, quite honestly I'd eat almost any chip from Ruffles to Humpty Dumpty (a Canadian Brand). I do prefer ridged or wavy chips since the beloved salt gets caught in the ridges.

            The bad news is I am now diabetic and have pretty much given up chips. It would be fine if I could eat just 10 of them, I don't even go down the chip aisle in the grocery anymore.

        2. (1) Cape Cod Potato Chips

          (2) Zapp's Potato Chips

          Those 2 for now. BTW, both are available in NYC if interested.

          1. Old Dutch pickle-flavored potato chips. They are impossibly difficult to find (unless you're in Canada) and incredibly delicious. Lays can't even come close.