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We Did Pretzels! Whats your Favorite Potato Chip?

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My favorite is a local brand, from Hanover PA. UTZ'S.

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  1. The best chips are also in the same neck of the woods you were in, Utz's cooked in lard. The only thing better would be if they were cooked in duck fat!

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    1. I recently tried Kettle Chips Spicy Thai....very good and nice and spicy. I also like the Kettle Chip Baked Chips.

      1. Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar... I haven't bought a bag in about six months... it's something I'm actually proud of... LOL!! :)


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          I love Kettle too. After indulging myself with them for about 6 weeks I am going to have to get tough and wean myself back off of them. The Spicy Thai, Vinegar adn Sea Salt. Lightly Salted with Black Pepper. The only ones that did not really interest me were the Cheddar and Beer they really did not have much cheddar or beer flavor.

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            I too am a fan of Kettle Chips, but for me I adore the salt and pepper and the sea salt--kind of a chip purist.

            But, quite honestly I'd eat almost any chip from Ruffles to Humpty Dumpty (a Canadian Brand). I do prefer ridged or wavy chips since the beloved salt gets caught in the ridges.

            The bad news is I am now diabetic and have pretty much given up chips. It would be fine if I could eat just 10 of them, but......no. I don't even go down the chip aisle in the grocery anymore.

        2. (1) Cape Cod Potato Chips
          --> http://www.capecodchips.com/

          (2) Zapp's Potato Chips
          --> http://www.zappsstore.com/cgi-local/S...

          Those 2 for now. BTW, both are available in NYC if interested.

          1. Old Dutch pickle-flavored potato chips. They are impossibly difficult to find (unless you're in Canada) and incredibly delicious. Lays can't even come close.

            1. Lay's Ketchup Chips followed closely by Zapp's no-salt chips.

              And for the non-potato variety, Chinese shrimp chips.

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                If Chinese shrimp chips count, then how about really good, warm, spicy papadam?

              2. Charles' Chips, *IF* they're still making them...they don't seem to be available out here on the Left Coast, and it's been a while since I was back in Tennessee. Don't know what it is exactly, but they just had the right balance of crisp, tender, rich and salty, not too much of anything. And no bitterness ever.

                Kettle's OK, and Cape Cod too...maybe we should ask if there are any we HATE!

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                1. re: Will Owen

                  I used to *love* Charles Chips. And the great tin they came in! Their saltless chips were great, too. Haven't seen them in years, though. Anyone?

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                    We have them here in Richmond. Fresh Market carries them and years ago when I worked in the mortgage business, the Charles Chips guy delivered to our office once a week. Great snacks as well as potato chips.

                    1. re: Janet from Richmond

                      They sell them (Charles Chips, that is) at Cracker Barrel restaurants.

                    2. re: Will Owen

                      I am now back in NY, almost two years but I used to work on Wilshire in Santa Monica, around Franklin. There used to be a Charles Chip guy who would come around with a big cart every few weeks to our office lobby... All kinds of goodies... This was about 4 years ago but...thought it was kinda kitschy...hadn't seen that in many years - since I was a child in NYC.

                    3. Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips. Great flavor, super crisp.

                      Lard chips, damn, I'm mail-ordering some of those right now.


                      1. better made potato chips from detroit

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                        1. re: mark

                          Yep, Mark...

                          We used to have 5 lb cans of chips delivered once a week when I was growing up.... I was at Metro airport last week and Wayne county had a handout/information booklet. Detroit/Wayne COunty consumes the largest amount per capita of potato chips in the WORLD....

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                            Oh I forgot about these. We used to stop at the factory when we visted Detroit and buy large tins of chips that we ate on the way home. They were still warm when we bought them. Yum.

                          2. Gibble's from PA, they are fried in Lard!
                            "Nibble with Gibble's"

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                              I love Gibbles Red Hot Chips....also like Snyders Jalapeno Chips, Dirty Potato Chips - Cajun & Zapps Chips- Cajun Crawtator.

                              1. Cape Cod Robust Russet. Not as good as their discontinued Dark Russet, but pretty close.

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                                  Those dark chips were the best! Why did they discontinue them?

                                2. Tim's Jalepeno. Artificially flavored, yes, but oh-so delicious.


                                  1. Curry Pringles, hands down.

                                    1. Dirty Salt and vinegar potato chips

                                      1. Terra Red Bliss Chips (Garlic & Parmesan flavor). These are more substantial chips, a thicker slice of potato, with a hefty crunch and delicious savory multi-flavored garlicky-cheese, so much more tasy than just 'salty'. Not as thin/flimsy/flaky as Utz.

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                                        1. re: yumyuminmytumtum

                                          These sound great yumyuminmytumtum.


                                          Might have to give them a try.

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                                            Terra's my second-favorite. If you like those, try Solea's.

                                            1. re: Infomaniac

                                              I loved Humpty Dumpty BBQ chips growing up in Toronto where their only competition then was Hostess that always had a dirty sock aftertaste. I recently had Cape Cod Jalapeno and Cheddar and I believe we have a new winner.

                                              1. re: gourmaniac

                                                I saw the Cape Cod Jalapeno & Cheddar at the market...will give them a bite this week.

                                            2. I also love Kettle Chips and Terra Chips. But my favorite flavor for the kettle chips is the yogurt and green onion, and for the terra chips it is the sweet potato mixture.

                                              1. Utz chips are also known as Wise chips, sold in the NYC area. My brother is a distributor....but I'm on the West Coast and they're not sold here. I either have to ask my brother to send me some or wait til I go home for a visit.

                                                They are the best chips made anywhere, hands down. A very guilty pleasure!

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                                                1. re: rednails

                                                  Utz and Wise are not the same thing in the NYC area. I think Utz are better.

                                                2. Wise is definately not Utz's. Wise bbq and onion/garlic stand alone. Hands down #1 potato chip are Wise bbq and Wise onion/garlic.

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                                                  1. re: bigmackdaddy

                                                    I'm a N.C. boy, and always thought Wise was a regional favorite. Anyway, they are the best, I think.

                                                  2. I was surprised to see that the UK actually beats the USA in sheer variety of chip (crisp) flavors. A small sampling includes prawn cocktail, lamb and mint, roasted chicken with lemon, thai sweet chili, Marmite, and cheese and onion, along with the more common "ready salted" and salt and pepper flavors. The options are dizzying. Still, I'll choose any brand of salt and vinegar chip any day.

                                                    1. Mikesell's of Dayton, Ohio, cooked in 100% peanut oil. I love their regular chip! Just potato, salt and peanut oil, for the purist who wants no frills in their chip.

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                                                      1. re: jackrugby

                                                        Musch to the chagrin of my two uncles who sold Husman's Poatto chips, Mikesell's are truly excellent potato chips.

                                                      2. No contest -- Utz chips are the absolute best, especially their crab chips, salt & pepper, and Grandma Utz (cooked in lard) flavors. Utz does online orders for those of us on the West Coast unable to buy them locally (unless we're traveling in the East). Kind of expensive for shipping, but worth it for an occasional treat. Just back from a month-long overseas trip, and how I was craving Utz chips! The chips in China are processed potatoes (similar to Pringles), and they have no taste.

                                                        1. Some time ago Jim Leff held a blind potato chip tasting. I don't recall what the results were but maybe someone else does.

                                                          1. I live in PA and feel bad that I find Utz unremarkable, I'll need to re-try Grandma Utz's.

                                                            While in Africa recently I became briefly addicted to Lay's, "Roast Chicken with Thyme." Pretty tasty stuff.

                                                            Also, Madhouse Munchies are great, I prefer the sea salt to the barbeque.

                                                            1. Route 11 potato chips are thick, crisp and excellent. Made in Virginia (factory is on Rt. 11 of course in Middletown) and hard to find out of the state. I looove their salt & vinegar, garlic and herb, and sweet potato chips. These are worth ordering on-line.

                                                              1. I can't believe nobody has of yet posted about my favorites: Barbara's Yogurt & Green Onion. They are even better than the Kettle Sour Cream and Onion. Love, love love them!

                                                                1. I'll 2nd the vote for Better Made chips. I also LOVE Zapp's crawtaters!

                                                                  1. I grew up eating both Wise and Charles Chips. That explains a lot!
                                                                    Now I love kettle Salt and pepper chips, although I just tried lays lime & pepper chips and they're pretty good.

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                                                                    1. re: OneJayneDoe

                                                                      Cahrles Chips! I forgot all about them! They're the ones that came in the big metal jars, right? Wow. Memory lane.

                                                                    2. Two favorites available locally:
                                                                      Zapps barbecue (maybe called mesquite) flavor
                                                                      Kettle Ridges

                                                                      1. I agree - Route 11 chips from Virginia! Tons of fun flavors. I love the green chili enchilada flavor!

                                                                          1. Blairs Death Rain Habanero chips are pretty good too. Will have to investigate Rt 11 chips..I am a chip junkie and some of those flavors sound vey interesting !

                                                                            1. For sure the most amazing potato chips are California Chips brand potato chips in the Earthquake flavor !!!!! They rock!! I only see them out here in California but the flavor is whack! Mixture of BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt and Vinegar and Jalapeno. Funny story on the bag, not sure if its true. But I can eat like 3 bags of these no prob!!!

                                                                              1. There's a new brand of chips we just tried, Deep River Snacks, that makes a Sweet Maui Onion flavor.

                                                                                It's AWESOME!!!! Best chips we've ever tried. Better than those Dirty Chips or Cape Cod by far. Just hard to find them.

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                                                                                1. re: Tommy2tone

                                                                                  You can get them at World Market. They are GREAT.

                                                                                  My top 3 are the Sweet Maui Onion, Mediterranean Terra Chips, and any flavor of Kettle crinkle cut.

                                                                                  A good regional chip with interesting seasonal flavors is Bob's Texas Style.

                                                                                2. Utz Kettle cooked Malt salt and VInager.


                                                                                  and I only eat them 2 days a month.... I call it "ladies night" at the PC. a Bag of Utx and a dish of skittles.

                                                                                  1. As someone from PA, I'd have to say I'm an UTZ fan too, for their plain chips. But, HERR'S has a delicious ketchup chip. It's the only ketchup flavored chip I can find in the US. I also love their slogan "Make Herr's yours."

                                                                                    1. What?? NO mention of Krunchers?? Are they only a midwest availability? They are the best kettle chip ever. Hands down!

                                                                                      1. I don't know if these are still available in the UK, but Really Ruthless Crisps washed down with plaent of beer was the Saturday afternoon snack of choice at our regular pub a good few years ago.

                                                                                        I don't recall the flavours but the 'Really Ruthless' should give some indication...I remeber some kind of chilli, a garlic one and at least one other. they were the best but kind of hard to find outside the occasional pub.

                                                                                        1. One-Ton chips. Not a potato chip though. It's a thick cut wonton skin with salt and sugar.