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Aug 7, 2006 05:06 PM

Minar Palace

Has Minar Palace closed yet? I thought I read they were moving, but up until about 3 weeks ago, they were still open.

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  1. yep, they're closed, possibly reopening elsewhere this fall.

    1. Has anyone discussed with management before the closure what area they are thinking of moving to? The old location had a huge area for eating downstairs, but it seemed like most people ate upstairs or did takeout. It was awkward, though, to carry your meal down a flight of steps.

      The rent on their Sansom St. location was probably low compared to what the new rent will be in a more visible area. Higher visibility commands higher rent, which translates into higher meal prices. I hope I am wrong.

      They had the best of both worlds - the former location was off the beaten track yet still very close to the prime real estate and commercial shopping area. You just had to walk a block or two out of the way from the main drag to get to their restaurant. I have talked to many people who have been to Center City and are unaware of this restaurant because they never walked away from the main streets of Chestnut, Walnut and Broad.

      1. I hear that Minar is about to re-open in a month or two around 15th and Sansom.

        1. Lucky people who live in Center City who will be within walking distance of MP if it should re-open at that 15th and Sansom location. It will be interesting to see if they maintain their past affordable prices, resuscitate their former quality (and not change anything to their saag paneer recipe!!), and provide a larger main floor dining area. The previous location had a very pleasant eating area ... downstairs (walk down only) ... and a very small area at the serving area that had few tables. I'd like to see a dining space similar to that of Samosa's, when it was in operation on Walnut St.