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Aug 7, 2006 04:45 PM

Restorante Milano

Dinner on Saturday night was quite lovely. Capellini is homemade, which was the highlight of the meal; served with fresh tomato and basil, which is all it needs right now. Veal saltimbocca was well executed, with delicious roasted potatoes. Simply grilled chicken breast was nicely charred and served with tasty grilled radicchio and fennel.

Service is warm, friendly, and inefficient. The latter seemed trivial with the tasty food and overall neighborly atmosphere.

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  1. You're talking about the Milano on Pacific Ave. in SF?

    1. Correct. Pacific and Leavenworth.

      1. pacific between hyde and larkin

        1. I went for a birthday party for 12 a few weeks ago. Everyone agreed the food was good, the grilled calamari were a particular favorite of mine, they came out with a tiny bit of char that added to the flavor and texture for me. I had the fettucini bolognase, the fettucini also made in house. It was wonderful, the sauce was rich but didn't feel incredibly heavy. I had bites of some of the meat entrees and they all seemed very well done, nicely grilled in the tri-meat grill, but I couldn't really tear my focus away from my own dish to concentrate much.
          Perfect description of the service. They could not have been nicer, when they remembered we were there. But as we sat around talking for a long time after the dinner, it worked well for our needs.