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Aug 7, 2006 04:38 PM

Need nice lunch restaurant for biz meeting near Burbank/Glendale

Besides the Market City Cafe, there are very few restaurants in this area for a nice biz lunch (I am not yet familiar with this area). Can anyone make a recommendation? Boss doesn't want to go too far. Looking for something nice but not crazy expensive.


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  1. Might I suggest BISTRO PROVENCE in Burbank, or maybe EDENDALE GRILL?

    1. There was a recent thread on Burbank business lunch places: .

          1. Bacco Trattoria is a good spot. It is in the heart of the Burbank Media district. The place is nice and bright; perfect for lunch. The chopped salad is good, and the rest is pretty good as well.

            3821 W. Riverside Drive
            Burbank, CA 91505
            (818) 845-8036