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Aug 7, 2006 04:23 PM

magic wok, hardly visited, but not forgotten

I dont know whether you other Chows out there go to Magic Wok anymore (it was quite famous in the 90's, at least to me), but I was just reminiscing of all the dishes I used to have there as a kid. I hardly go anymore (its too far for me now), but was wondering whether other Chows visit it often, or whether its slipped out of your mind too. And when you did go, what dishes did you have? I can remember we had:

-HK style beef tenderloin
-fried whole chicken with shrimp chips on the side
-grouper skate in a yummy brewed sauce, with tofu and veggies on the side
-seafood in phoenix nest (with tonnes of seafood!)
-stir-fried gai lan with beef

I can just smell it right now. These dishes can be ordered just about anywhere now, but its just how Magic Wok made it--the authenticity of it, the 'wok power' of it all... I'm craving some Magic Wok!

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  1. There is still a Magic Pan existing??? We loved it! I remember crepes with beef and mushrooms in a wine sauce and chicken and broccoli with swiss cheese. Great meals. My daughter and I would go as a treat. Where is the one you say is still around?

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    1. re: Lipant

      Umm, not Magic Pan, its Magic Wok, up on 14th (between Brimley and Kennedy).

    2. I still go there because family likes it. Food is great, service is terrible.

      I like:
      - veggies in the Phoenix nest (due to a seafood allergy in the family, but the seafood one is really good).
      - Sole (or is it flounder?) done two ways (stir-fried filets and veg sitting on top deep fried bones)
      -deep-fried oyster
      -deep fried soft shell crab
      -boiled tripe....

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      1. re: eco987

        Yeah, I think just about every family that go get a version of the phoemix nest. We've tried a type of white fish fried, then covered with a yummy sort of teriyaki sauce, but not your sole done two ways--should try yours next time I go.

        What is boiled tripe? How is it made, what sauce is it in?

        1. re: jennjen18

          Boiled tripe is more like blanched trip and it has a type of clam blanched with it. It comes with a soya dipping sauce (like the soy that comes with steamed fish with added chillies). I don't know if you've had blanched shrimp before, but kinda like that. It's called (in cantonese) "bak cherk ng-ow pak yeep, gwai fa pong" White Blanched Beef Tripe, Imperial Flower Clam. The fish two ways is "Gwut Herng Lung Lei Kaw" Bone Fragrance Sole Balls

      2. Oh, I forgot to ask. Where abouts are you? There's other T.O. restaurants with good wok power.

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        1. re: eco987

          Yeah, we've tried other places but still, I cant get enough Magic Wok. We live in Scarborough. We go to places along Finch and along Steeles, but 'coz Magic Wok moved up to 14th, its gotten harder to get to (we like the TTC). :)

          We quite like Silver Star Eatery (Midland and Finch) which has HORRIBLE service. Funny, 'coz the last time I went to Magic Wok, we werent treated THAT badly. But MAYBE its because I brought along a Caucasian friend (haha.. it DOES make a difference sometimes). I should try Silver Star with him next time. Has anyone gone to Silver Star and what dishes would you normally get there?

        2. What would the average cost for a dish be? You're getting me very hungry with these posts!

          1. General chinese food prices, about $10-12 each. I think deep-fried softshell crab is $5ish per crab. Make sure you get a Phoenix nest, it's the best. Soup and dessert is free!