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Aug 7, 2006 04:15 PM

Any updates on the All-Star Sandwich Bar?

After having eaten at ECG at least once a week for several weeks, I now have not been back for a few weeks, so have not been able to check on the progress at All-Star. Does anyone have an update?

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  1. They were sanding floors on Saturday as I stared dreamily at the menu. *sigh*

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      Hmm, sanding floors as in everything's-installed-and-they're-practically-ready-to-open?? Or sanding floors and sorry-the-kitchen-ain't-near-finished-it's-gonna-be-a-while?? (If you could tell that by looking in the window.) Really want me some sandwiches!

    2. On Saturday, I spoke with someone that used to work in the kitchen at ECG and he said he thinks early September is the expected opening time.

      1. I'm at ECG right now. One of the guys here tells me that they encountered some last minute glitches that delayed their planned July opening. He said that they are hoping to open in the next 10 days. He also told me that he's sampled a couple of things, including the pastrami, and that they were amazing. (Chris, give this guy a raise!)

          1. We walked by on Friday after an early dinner at Ole (which was excellent). They looked to be very close, I would guess by this weekend.

            mmmmm....Grilled Slim Jim