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Aug 7, 2006 03:57 PM

Estrada's Spanish Kitchen, Daly City Recipes needed-

Apparently the Estrada's branches in Fresno and Visalia are kaput,
and I have acquaintances there that are now suffering from acute
tostada compuesta, enchilada and Mexican macaroni deprivation.

My fave at Estrada's in Daly City was the fried chicken/
chile relleno combo, which I believe came with a sizzling tostada compuesta that billowed piquant steam when served. The fried chicken was of the naked, unbreaded variety, and the chile relleno rather
ordinary, but it was the sum of the parts that made the dish hit the spot.

Can anyone help my desperate Central Valley amigos with recipes?

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  1. I used to work at Estrada's Spanish Kitchen in Visalia.
    The last remaining person that I know of, that has the Macaroni Recipe is Kenny Hook of Visalia.
    I do not know how to reach him but I do know he will probably take that recipe to his grave. Rumor has it that he has turned down many extraordinary offers for the recipe.

    I am actually working on recreating the recipe, if I figure it out, I'll post it.

    Those were the best of times, and the very best of food. The Macaroni was always something we would crave. The tostada compuesta's were INCREDIBLE - served sizzling out out of the ovens and topped with ice cold shredded lettuce, sprinkled with vinegar and oil that would steam up and also topped with a very simple thin tomato sauce.

    Happy Trials, and errors!

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    1. re: bluemoondragonfly

      Did you ever figure out the macaroni recipe?

      1. Grew up eating Estrada's food and cannot have Christmas Eve tamales without Estrada's mac. It is true Kenny is the only one who has the recipe and he is not giving it out to anyone. Here is what we have come up with and it is not exactly the same but does a good job of mimicking the taste: 1 pound Perciatelli Macaroni (get it at any good Italian deli that sells pasta), 20 ounces of Las Palmas mild enchilada sauce, 2 jars (drained) Green Giant sliced mushrooms, 1/2 pound cubed mild Velveeta cheese, xtra sharp cheddar. Cook the mac and then add the rest (except the grated cheddar), toss gently until the Velveeta melts and put into a casserole, top with the grated cheddar and bake until heated through and the cheese melts. Dollar Tree has the little aluminum round containers with the paper tops that Estrada's used for their to-go mac. Hope you like, better than NOT having the mac. Feliz Navidad!

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        1. re: Mseagle

          Thanks for the recipe! I cant wait to try it.
          Now: we should all go find this Kenny Hook gentlman and, as a group, give hime some "words of encouragement."

        2. I found a recipe in my mother's files for Estrada's enchilada sauce, if anyone is interested.

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            1. re: ahoffman

              I typed it up, but I'm not seeing it. I am obviously doing something wrong!

            2. re: Dengas

              There are many interested.

              Please post!

              Jeff H

              1. re: JeffHaggard

                Jeff, did I just send it to you and not to the board?

                    1. re: JeffHaggard

                      Are others able to see the recipe? I just put together what was posted on Facebook as being the authentic Mac-n-cheese recipe, but it sure is different from the one already posted here. My son sent it to me, and I am fixing it for a potluck tomorrow. the recipe doesn't have any chili or cumin, which surprised me!

                      1. re: Dengas

                        can you share the macaroni recipe or where you found it on FaceBook? You are right about it being different from the one already posted here, the real one does not use velveeta, that's for certain!

                        1. re: meanmommy

                          I would like the recipe or the FB page. Thank you.

                        2. re: Dengas

                          How did you find the macaroni recipe?! Can you please post it? If I can make that mac and cheese, I will be a forever happy woman! Thanks.

                  1. re: Dengas

                    Would love the recipe, thank you so much. BTW, no recipes from Kenny Hook as sadly he passed away before Christmas.

                  2. The fried chicken was just flour salt pepper in lard I worked there 5 years till the end