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Aug 7, 2006 03:43 PM

Best desserts in Bergen County?

I just moved to Paramus from NYC and I've yet to find a good place for dessert around me - cupcakes are a must, and I'll even settle for yet another magnolia-like knockoff. Does anyone know of good dessert places and cafes around here? Paramus, Ridgewood, Westwood, Oradell, etc?

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  1. The best bakeries are in lower Bergen County, in my opinion.

    Two bakeries that come to mind are: Rispoli, Ridgefield and
    Palermo, Ridgefield Park. They are both Italian bakeries, with a great selection of cakes and pastries.

    There is also a good French bakery in Teaneck on Queen Anne Road that makes fantastic French cookies and cakes. My family also likes B&W in Hackensack--but I'm not a big fan of their desserts.

    I have found that many other bakeries in my area are disappointing, including Wyckoff Bakery and Sugarflake (Westwood).

    I'll be curious to see what others write.

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      I agree about wyckoff bakery, it was good at one time but not so much anymore. But Sugarflake in westwood, are you kidding. I guess you've never tried thier chocolate or vanilla meltaways ( to die for ). The danish is so moist, the croissants, yum. The belgium chocolate cake is so good if you are a real chocolate lover, the onion rolls and the salt sticks are so good, should I go on?

      1. re: christina L

        Saw the meltaways for the very first time yesterday in the "new" Mazurs Bakery. Can't wait to give them a try :)

    2. I'm not a big fan of anything other than "homemade" but I do like French bakeries. I haven't been to the on in Teaneck in a few years, but it was always good. Le Petit Gateau on Kinderkamack Road in Park Ridge is very good.

      1. There is a French style pastry shop in Dumont (not too far from Oradell) that is quite good- La Petite Patisserie, on Madison Ave just off of Washington.

        1. I agree with La Petite Patisserie- it is fabulous, but sells out early as do most good places. Also- I love the beehives at B+W in Hackensack, and their crumb cake. It's a German Bakery so stick with Black Forest Cakes, crumb cake, and cream-filled items.

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          1. re: vick23

            I just saw the La Petite Patisserie is closed for good. Any idea why?

            1. re: itoNYoshi22

              No idea why they closed, but from the area and a new bakery just opened literally this week. Went in, very nicely decorated and clean. They specialize in cupcakes and cheesecakes and are seriously the best thing I ever tasted. in storefront they sell cupcakes and cheesecake cupcakes and the full size cheesecakes are special order. Looks like it is going to do really well.

          2. The original comment has been removed