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Aug 7, 2006 03:19 PM

Midtown West Delivery After 11pm

We have a 24-hour helpdesk at work and would like to surprise the boys with dinner when their shift starts. Does any one know of any restaurants in midtown (37th & 7th area) which deliver after 11pm?

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  1. There's a fair amount in that area, it is one of the better neighborhoods for all hours delivery. You can check out for a list of what's open and avail at that time. I don't know if the Renaissance Diner comes down that far, but that's my favorite 24/7 delivery. :)

    1. Try Just type in your zip code and it'll spit out a list of nearly every place that delivers in that area, and you can place your order online. It's actually pretty neat.

      1. is another great resource.