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Aug 7, 2006 02:57 PM

Good Eats on 34th

I'll be staying with some friends at the newly renovated Ramada Inn this weekend, next to Madison Square Garden. I need some suggestions for quality American food at good price in the area. I'm not looking for fast food or chain restauarants as the area is a magnet for it. Want a well-reviewed, moderately-priced place for a Friday night "experience". All suggestions welcome! And let me know if I need to make any reservations at the place you may recommend. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Arezzo is one of the better Italian restaurants close by.
    There is a great steakhouse on 9th Avenue right off 34th Street called Uncle Jack's.
    There is a whole block of Korean BBQ places (33rd or 32nd?) between 6-5th Avenues that you could also check out.

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      "There is a whole block of Korean BBQ places (33rd or 32nd?)"

      32nd and 35th, with a smaller number of Korean restaurants on 36th and 33rd.

    2. Anyone know of upscale bars near 34th street that serve quality food and have a great crowd on a friday night? Not looking for dive bars (going to hit that some time later in the weekend). Looking for a place to eat and hang out at the bar afterwards to meet up with some local friends.

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        I would try Tir na Nog, on 8th, they have suprisingly good food, I don't know if I'd call the crowd great though. There is also Stitch on 37th between 7th and 8th, or Keen's chophouse has a bar area and would certainly fit the quality food requirement.

        1. If you want only American food, my choice would be the pub at Keens, the more casual offshoot of the steakhouse. A classic NY institution.

          If you just want a great hang-out bar, I love the GingerMan on E. 36th St, off 5th Ave. Casual with a tavern-like feel, it's a good place to meet in a group. Not too loud for conversation and plenty of tables to score. One of the best beer selections in NYC, many on tap. They have pub grub available but nothing stellar.

          For a view or something outdoors, head to trendier bar Rare View on the rooftop of the Shelburne Hotel on Lexington Ave at 38th. Expect expensive drinks, but you'll get a great view of the lights of the Empire State Building. Good burgers at on the ground floor restaurant Rare.