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Aug 7, 2006 02:56 PM

Widest variety/longest list of pasta/risotto?

I apologize in advance if I am being redundant. I have read through many best Italian posts, but nothing (yet) that specifically addresses pasta/risotto. Variety, number of dishes and quality are my main concerns. I am not concerned about neighborhood or price. I made a reservation at Il Buco. I would love to see your suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. what about Risotteria on Bleecker Street?

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    1. re: jessica

      Thank you for the suggestion; I hadn't thought of it. Rightly or wrongly, the fact that it is a mostly gluten free menu weirds me out. I don't have any dietary restrictions, so to me any restrictions mean (again, rightly or wrongly) less than tasty food. Any other suggestions?

      1. re: nycexplorer

        I think this place is awful. Have tried it twice and found the risotto to be bland.

    2. Risotteria is awesome, but they're not great on the fresh pasta dishes.

      For that, I'd try Roberto Passon at 9th Ave and 50th Street. Most of their other dishes (other than their Buffalo Mozarella app special) are nothing special, but they have an extensive list of wonderful pastas. Go after 8 PM, however as it gets a heavy theater crowd and service is way better later.

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      1. re: kersie

        have you ever tried the brunch there? menu seems awesome

        1. re: piccola

          I haven't been for brunch, although I did just take a menu and agree that the brunch menu looks interesting (especially the $8 all you can drink deal :)), and with a true dearth of good brunch restaurants in this neighborhood, I may have an opportunity to try it out at some point in time.

          Also, I agree with the poster below that Via Emilia has great pasta. If I'm solely in a "pasta" mood, I'd still go for Roberto Passon -- even though on the whole I think Via Emilia is a better restaurant.

        2. re: kersie

          After a recent visit to Roberto Passon, I edit my previous recommendation. We went for brunch yesterday (which was nothing special, FWIW) and the service was more disastrous than usual. There were six of us. Three of us got our food properly as ordered (though one of the three also got a second meal she didn't order). The other three didn't get their replacement meals until the first three of us were done eating. 20 minutes to pour drinks. Had to ask for more jam 5 times. Had to ask for a MANAGER twice, who was not at all apologetic. Pasta isn't worth service this bad in my book.

        3. I agree with Risotteria, purely for the variety. There are much better places, the risotto I recently had at Giorgios was fantastic, but it would be hard to find a larger selection than Risotteria. As far as pasta,there are so many places that have large pasta menus. It really depends upon so may factors such as neighborhood, homemade versus dry pasta,if you prefer Northern Italian type dishes or red sauces,etc.

          1. I also have to agree with Risotteria for the variety of risottos. I don't think it's amazing, but I've had tasty meals there.

            For pastas, I really like Via Emilia. It doesn't have the largest menu in town, but it's got a wide variety of choices and everything I've tried there has been good.