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Aug 7, 2006 02:47 PM

Where did I read about Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey?

Recently read an article, must have been Gourmet or Saveur, about a woman who traveled to Tasmania in search of it. The article was a bit intriguing but after reading it I thought "oh well, I'm not spending buckets of money at Dean & Deluca to try it" and recycled the magazine. Then neighbors come to our party this weekend bearing a can of Tasmanian leatherwood honey as a gift. Anyone remember where that article was?

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  1. Sorry, don't recall the article. But I love TLH. Dry, not sweet, wonderful! There was an article a while ago in the WSJ reporting that lumbering in Tasmania was killing off the leatherwood trees and that, as a result, the TLH might be in danger of disappearing. Very sad story.

    1. It was Gourmet, the july 2006 issue.

      1. Thanks ltownhound and fauchon. It is great stuff and unlike anything I've tasted before. The flavor lingers. fauchon - I'll check out the WSJ article, and anything special you do with TLH/or way you eat it that you want to share?

        1. Nothing "special." I eat it with yogurt, on AM toast with cream cheese. I serve it with cheese...particularly good with blue cheese and/or very sharp hard cheese. So glad you've discovered TLH...a great addition to one's culinary horizons....

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            Thanks for those simple and perfect suggestions! I had it in my yogurt this morning. I like to drizzle honey over green salads, especially in the fall with sliced pear, shaved Parmesan, and fresh toasted walnuts. TLH will be great with that.

          2. Saveur also did an feature on Tasmania during the past 18 months.