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Aug 7, 2006 02:41 PM

ISO upscale Asian/Asian-influenced places for parental visit

I'm looking for upscale Asian or Asian-influenced places for a parental visit next month. Places I've taken them in the past that they've enjoyed include Fatty Crab, Devi, Tamarind, Kuma Inn.

I'm trying to avoid the mega-scene places like Megu, Spice Market, etc. unless there is one with really worthwhile food. Open to Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Pan-Asian. My initial ideas include Bread Bar at Tabla, Bouley Upstairs, maybe Chinatown Brasserie. Any price point is fine, but looking for places with at least some atmosphere - not the typical Chinatown bare bones look. Any other suggestions/recommendations or any endorsements/warnings against the places I'm considering would be much appreciated.

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  1. I would avoid the Bread Bar at Tabla at all costs. The quality of the food today versus the opening is terrible (especially considering how good the other Danny Meyer places oare). My thoughts for fusion:

    Thai: Vong or Kittichai

    Indian: Devi

    Japanese: Next Door Nobu (no reservations accepted)

    1. Annisa would be THE perfect place for you. The dining room is intimate, comfortable, great for conversation, and the menu is truly creative, a great fusion of french and Asian cuisines. Foie gras with soup dumplings, miso sable with crispy silken tofu in bonito broth, etc. I would go with the tasting menu though, especially if you go Tues-Sat.


      1. If price point is flexible, would suggest Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental at Colubmus Circle. Restaurant is on 35th floor, so you have views of CP and parts of midtown. Had a drink at the lounge next door a few weeks ago and the menu looked very good. Full disclosure is that I haven't eaten there, but a friend of mine did a while back and enjoyed it.

        I've heard Bouley Upstairs can be a bit rushed.

        1. I know you are against Megu in Tribeca - and I'd understand why it wouldn't work for a parental visit. But Megu in Midtown is much classier and chill - and actually less pricy. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is very Midtown proper. The staff is very well trained, too.