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Aug 7, 2006 02:28 PM

Any word on Eamonn's?

I was in Alexandria on Saturday and really wanted to try out the new Cathal Armstrong venture for some fish and chips. But when I walked by there was still paper on the windows and a locked door.

Everything I find online says they plan to open this summer. Anyone know a date when Eamonn's Dublin Chipper is scheduled to open?

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  1. No date yet, but this is from a chat on last week...
    "Eamonn's, the Dublin chipper from Restaurant Eve owner Cathal Armstrong, told Erin last week that his Old Town fish-and-chips spot would be open "within a few weeks." Permits are a problem, apparently."
    Sounds like it could be awhile or it could be soon, whenever the permits come through.

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      I just found this on today (posted yesterday).

      "Micro Bite
      Listen, Alexandria bureaucracy. I've been wanting to go to Eammon's forever now. After months of waiting, having the opening date and the backup opening date come and go, and then reading about how you are holding up the final permits for the place, I've had it. I've spent the last two weeks getting increasingly furious about several unrelated things, and all I really need is some beer-battered fish and a really neat cocktail from Todd Thrasher to calm me down. However, you are totally cocktail-blocking me, and I am sooooo pissed. What are you afraid of? Is the sailboat lady from last week's Feed threatening you because you ticketed her for not paying all four meters she uses with her stretch Hummer? Are you too busy inspecting the sixteen identical Applebees on Duke Street? Just approve the permits for Eamonn's, damnit! What is this, communist Russia? Approve them!"

      I guess it's all up to Alexandria now. I hope it's soon.

    2. Permits announcements and brown paper still plastered over the front windows as of 6 August.

      What I want to know is whether they'll stick to their guns or cave to diner demands for "heart smart" menu items, caesar salads, and pasta primavera.

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          1. We're still waiting! I want some fish and chips.

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              Have you tried going down the street a few blocks to Daniel O'Connell's? A bit pricey, but I thought the f&c were pretty good.