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Aug 7, 2006 02:24 PM

Looking for a hot date?

A few years ago, Formaggio Kitchen carried "Fresh" dates, that is, dates that hadn't been dried and were still on the branch (vine, whatever). They were uniformly smooth and a golden yellow color. What made these so wonderful is that they could be dried and eaten at all different stages of ripeness. I miss them terribly.

Does anyone know where I can find them again?

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  1. Don't believe they are in season right now, but Arax in Watertown carries those.

    In general Arax is great for unusual produce including melons, figs, dates, green almonds, exotic citrus all at very reasonable prices.

    1. I think dates are in season in August, I think I've seen them at Whole Foods. You could call and see what they say.

      1. Damn. For a minute, I thought this board was going to fill ALL my needs!

        Ernie, I've seen them at Savenor's and Russo's (of today's board fame)...

        1. Well that post title suckered me, just an fyi, dates don't come from a vine, they come from the top of a palm tree.

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          1. re: ChinoWayne

            Out of curiosity, what would you call the branch-like, vine-y things that they grow along?

            1. re: Ernie Diamond

              OK, I wanna keep this thread topical, so as far as finding a hot date, check with these distributors:

              Disilva Fruit Distributors Inc
              (617) 884-9033
              32 Auburn St
              Chelsea, MA 02150

              American Fruit Distributors
              (617) 389-1222
              34 Market St
              Everett, MA 02149

              4 M Fruit Distributors
              (617) 387-7575
              34 Market St # 16
              Everett, MA 02149

              Now in terms of anything else you want to know about date palms, this looks fairly comprehensive:


              Now I think I will reach over to the cabinet next to my chair and grab a few Sunsweet California Pitted (dried) dates. Mmmmmm.