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Aug 7, 2006 02:11 PM


A friend just called to say, "I've got some homegrown callaloo; come get some." Of course, I will! I've never cooked it, and wonder how best to use this windfall.

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  1. Soup! Callaloo soup is one of the great Caribbean treats. It's sort of like an assertive spinach's very dark green & sort of thick, ie it's not a broth but more substantial in texture...I would guess it's callaloo + maybe onions sauteed in butter with a chicken stock base and local Carib spices (altho the soup is not "spicy")....Perhaps move this to the Caribbean board & someone will come up with a great local recipe. I hope so....I'd love to have one

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      Great idea, I'll be checking the Caribbean board as well. This Callaloo post got me intrigued and a little search on Google informed me that it is extremely versatile. I saw a mention of turnovers stuffed with Callaloo (Jamacian?) that sounded good to me.
      What did you end up doing?

      1. re: Ida Red

        Just came home with it this minute. It's real sandy, so it's soaking at the moment. I'm going to saute onion, garlic, diced tomatoes, and some habanero, add the chopped greens, with a bit of broth, and cook until tender. This is close to Jen's suggestion. My friend also mentioned salt cod. I don't have that, but it sounds wonderful. Thanks for all the help!

        P.S. I did post on the Caribbean board, and directed folks here, since this is definitely a cooking thread.

        1. re: Pat Hammond

          It turned out really well. I found I didn't need broth because the tomato provided enough juice. Thanks again, to all.

      2. re: fauchon

        Want to add that callaloo is a leafy dark green vegetable similar to spinach and/or kale. The flavor is assertive and the leaves are hardier than spinach. I would imagine that any recipe for leafy green vegs would work will with callaloo....I'm also thinking about the Sicilian spinach preparation that uses raisins...delicious combo.

      3. One of my Jamaican friends makes callaloo each month for a meeting we have - Im linking to a typical recipe below that feels like it would get to her flavor. - with scotch bonnet, thyme, sauteed onions etc. The only diff is that she adds salt cod in small bits. - probably not fully soaked, usually the recipes call for the cod to be quickly boiled and pulled to bits which makes it even more delicious. She makes it with the canned callaloo and it is perfectly fine. Will update if I can get her recipe to supplement the attached.

        Here's a link to the recipe.

        1. I've had callaloo soup made with coconut milk (it was a vegan recipe) and it was yummy.

          1. Is it Jamaican Callalloo or Trinidadian Callalloo? There's a difference! Let me know if it is the Trini one because you seem to have a lot of Jamaican answers here....and I'll let u k now how to cook that one....or if anyone else is interested.