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Aug 7, 2006 01:48 PM

Where can I find yuba?

The NY Times had an article on yuba this weekend, which they describe as "soy's unexpectedly elegant cousin."

Anyone know where in NYC you can get it? The only mention on Chowhound that I've found is - which mentions a yuba appetizer at Geido on Flatbush & 7th.

This is what piqued my interest: " arrived in a handmade wooden box, simmering in water heated by a piece of charcoal. I fished the opaque sheets from the bubbling water and dipped them in a sauce made from soy, dashi, mirin and fresh wasabi. The flavor was mildly sweet and nutty, and the texture was a revelation: simultaneously tender and chewy, unlike anything I had ever experienced."


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  1. I don't know specific places to send you to in Brooklyn or Queens, but if you want it labelled "yuba", go to a Japanese market. Korean stores like Han Ah Rheum probably have at least one Japanese labelled version, too. Any Chinese or Vietnamese place that carries any kind of variety of soy products will have it, too, but I don't remember the Chinese and Vietnamese names. In short, it's ubiquitous in soy-eating cultures.

    I don't know why that author calls it a "cousin" to soy unless by "soy" they mean tofu - it IS soy - it's the skin that forms on the top of vats of cooking soymilk. (It's sort of analogous to clotted cream except it forms a sheet that stays solid.)

    1. i think Chinese just simply call it 'tofu skin'; many chinese dishes with mixed veggies have it in them, most casseroles have it in them as well. most of us have probably had it in dim sum - some pieces come wrapped in tofu skin.

      1. You can find wonderful Yuba served at En Japanese Brasserie in the city at 435 Hudson Street. I always order it and it is truly wonderful.

        1. City Bakery on 5th ave and 19th st. in Manhattan also used to make an interesting salad with yuba, edamame and some other asian green which I liked a lot. They change their salads frequently/sometimes daily but I bet if you called the chef would tell you when they were making it next.