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Aug 7, 2006 01:47 PM

Tasting Room on Elizabeth St.?

Has anyone been to the new Tasting Room on Elizabeth Street? I was thinking of trying it out tonight and would love to hear any early reviews...


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  1. I went there a couple of weeks ago - at that time, they were only serving drinks. Folks were very nice but if you want food that was not an option at the time.

    1. There was a post about this on Friday:

      And a report from Eater that is quite similar:


      1. They started serving food last Tuesday. I had dinner there on Thursday night. We had to wait 40 mins for our 9:30 pm reservation for a table for 2, but we got a free cocktail and glass of champagne. They don't have a complete wine list yet, so there's a choice of maybe 10 wines that are also available by the glass. The old restaurant only (mainly?) served a fantastic selection of American wine which doesn't seem to be the case any more, but the maitre d' told us they would still be concentrating on it. The menu no longer has a small plates option which was actually part of the reason I so liked the old restaurant. The quality of the food was much the same. Very tasty, fresh ingredients. The space itself is far less intimate than the old location. It feels like a very different restaurant. The crowd was certainly much sleeker and trendier than I remembered. Not sure what my overall point is! I loved the old restaurant and really had no faults with its new incarnation; they're just different creatures.