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Aug 7, 2006 01:35 PM

east ocean palace-forest hills

anyone been here yet? Just opened in June at 113-09 queens blvd. The old restaurant had the 2 lions in the front , (Golden palace (?)) next to the Sam Ash store in Forest Hills. Newly refurbished.

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  1. Yes, my husband used to eat lunch at the previous place couple times a week--always got the squid and black bean sauce--not the nicest people, or cleanest place (several complaints with board of health)--but he never got sick, and ate there regularly for a few years--he tried the new one--and said, the dish is totally different now, not authentic anymore--but, the tradeoff is the clean bathroom..oh well...

    1. I have been there for dinner and dim sum - I never tried it as the previous place. But my experiences (albeit only 2 meals) were really good - at dinner they have this great shrimp in black bean sauce. The shrimp were really fresh and perfectly cooked and it was not overly saturated in sauce. I also had the shredded pork with pan fried noodles and they were terrific. I definitely would go back again - for dinner or dim sum. The service can be a little uneven though but the food is worth it.

      1. I finally tried it for lunch. they have dim sum and a lunch special menu. Very reasonably priced. Soup, white rice. or fried rice and entree 4.95-5.95. Portions are large. Regular menu seems to be reasonably priced. Went with 4 other persons who all thought food was excellent with no complaints. A lot of asians which means food is pretty good. Place was pretty crowded for lunch time. No bar