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Aug 7, 2006 01:11 PM

Max Brenner's hot chocolate -- yummy!

I had the Max Brenner's Italian hot chocolate that is a better version of City Bakery's hot chocolate. Even though it was still very warm outside, the hot chocolate was yummy! It had a nice rich and thick consistency. I'm looking forward to returning and eating in the restaurant. Maybe I'll go next week for my birthday. It was definitely worth the calories and the 90 minutes at the gym working it off!

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  1. I went to Max Brenner last night at around 9:30. My friend and I sat down for cheesecake (him) and a cookieshake (oreo based, for me). My friend like his cheesecake. I liked my shake, but for $6.50 I'm not hurrying back for a repeat. Service was VERY slow and indifferent. The pace was probably attributable to the crowd (packed), but I still can't understand why the cheesecake showed up almost 10 minutes after the shake. The indifference seemed to be specific to our waitress; others seemed more engaged.

    The dinner menu looked pretty good, and I will make a return trip to try an entree or two. The food isn't cheap either. I am amused to note that the food is more interesting to me than the desserts at a chocolate place.

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      We had a great waiter. He spent probably 1/2 hour leading us through the different options. Everything we had was amazing, even though we were still full from dinner. Our food did take a while to come out, but our waiter was good about pointing out which items they are still having technical difficulties with.

      Personally, I have a real problem with the food being served here. It was the one irritant in our trip. The couple next to us ordered something garlicky and it really interfered with the chocolate experience. Since this place is about chocolate, that bugged me, even though I normally love garlic.

      It is expensive, but some of the same items are less when you get them to take-out (very European :))

    2. Which hot chocolate did you try? On your rec, I went to Max Brenner today and ordered the toffee hot chocolate. I was handed a cup with milk foam on top and a thin, off-color brown liquid inside that looked like coffee. I thought I'd been handed someone else's latte, until a sip unfortunately confirmed that this was my drink. Whatever chocolate flavor was there (and this drink was supposedly made with the dark hot chocolate mix) was completely over-powered by a very sweet toffee taste. I'm confused by your City Bakery comparison because this was the furthest thing from City Bakery's thick, rich hot chocolate I've ever had the displeasure of ordering (I threw it away in the nearest trash can).

      Someone posted a few days ago asking about the $6.50 cookies. I'm not sure if the pale, chipless, pancake-looking cookies I saw on display were $6.50, but if they were, save your money.

      On another note, looks like MB is now open for lunch, and it was quite crowded around 1.

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        I reread the op's note--she cited the Italian hot chocolate. If it's the one I had, I agree 110%--it was rich, thick, creamy and chocolatey. Better than City Bakery any day.

        1. re: eve

          I missed that. I might go back and try it, but I wasn't really impressed w/anything else I saw in the store.

          1. re: Lucia

            I bought the chocolate cake loaf. I will try it tonite and report back here (instead yesterday ate my all time favorite Whole Foods chocolate chip cookie and whoopie pie--did enough damage for one day!)

            1. re: eve

              I just cut myself a slice of the chocolate cake loaf--fantastic--at only $12 for what can easily serve at least 6 people. The center is sort of a molten chocolate. The cake is rich but not too sweet. I better bring it to work tomorrow to share or else I will eat the whole thing.

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            While I have not been to the MB in New York, I did have the Italian hot chocolate at the one in Tel-Aviv. Oh, was it good!! It was like having soup. If I did not have a stomachache before I went there, I would have ordered more or nibbled on my friend's chocolate waffle.

            I need to check out the one in NY and snack away.

        2. I've had the mocha made with dark chocolate several times. It is truly excellent, but at $4.20, it's not something I will have often. I haven't tried the thick hot chocolate (I'll report back after a cold day). I'm still a fan of the $2 "shot of hot" at City Bakery but it's great to have another excellent option in the neighborhood.