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Aug 7, 2006 12:34 PM

Vermont Pubs

I am planning a trip to Vermont and wanted to check out some of the pubs and bars in the area. Is there one that's called the "frog's breath"? Any help you can give to find some off the beaten path bars will be greatly appreciated. I love stopping at pubs with unusual names.....

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  1. I think Mr. Pickwicks's in Stowe would meet your criteria for sure.

    I can give you the pubs in VT to find good beer (listed in order of my preference).

    American Flatbread -beer bar/brewpub- Burlington
    Alchemist - brewpub - Waterbury
    The Shed - brewpub - Stowe
    McNeill's - brewpub - Brattleboro
    Norwich Inn/Jasper Murdoch's - inn/brewpub - Norwich
    Long Trail - brewery/brewpub - Bridgewater Corners
    Mr Pickwick's - beer bar - Stowe
    Flatstreet pub - Beer bar serving only Berkshire beers - Brattleboro
    Cascade Lodge - beer bar - Killington
    Vermont Pub & Brewery - brewpub - Burlington
    3 Needs - brewpub/beer bar - Burlington
    Muddy Waters - coffe house with McNeill's taps - Burlington
    Bobcat Cafe - brewpub - Bristol
    Black River - beer bar - Cavendish
    Peavine Family Restaurant - brewpub - Bethel
    Maple Leaf - brewpub - Wilmington
    Madison brewery - brewpub - Bennington

    More can be found here:

    1. INHD/MOJO's Beer Nutz just did a show on Burlington. Here's the link that lists the places they reviewed:

      They had on a young brewer that had completed a documentary as a class project and had gone all over Vermont to visit all the craft brewers. They showed a copy of his DVD on the program, but never discussed if/where it might be available. They list him on the page above (Matt DeLuca), but the links go nowhere relevant. Getting a copy of that documentary would probably be a great help - I'd love to get one myself.

      The program reruns several times during the week, if you get Comcast Cable HD channels or someone else that carries MOJO.

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        I was just googling around and actually found the entire documentary on line at this site:

        It's a WMV, about 60MB - 37 minutes long (I have FIOS - it came down at about 6Mbps - their upload restriction). I haven't watched the entire thing, but it's not as much about different places to drink, as it is about interviews with the brewers at a few of the more well known places (Otter Creek, Long Trail, Magic Hat, etc...) Very interesting and well done, but far from a list of off-the-beaten-path pubs.

      2. JD's in Putney is a great pub.

        1. Loved the McGrath's Pub at the Inn at Long Trail (formerly the Long Trail Lodge) in Killington, VT. It's in the hotel and is so casual and friendly. I should say, very casual with hikers, mountain bikers, travelers all relaxing after a long day on the trail. They have darts, big screen tv, great pub food, fun clientele and beer, beer and more beer.

          You should definitely check it out. Route 4, Killington, VT. It's at the top of a long hill (driving, biking) and you will pass it on your left as you are heading north.

          Make sure to tell them maryann said hi.