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Aug 7, 2006 12:08 PM

chocolate-covered espresso beans

I'm addicted to these little tidbits (no wonder) and I've bought some pretty decent ones at...Second Cup.

I was tempted to buy them at Rocky Mountain Choco at Vaughan Mills, but their other products are so bad that I didn't want to go near them.

Whether name-brand or local, are there any places where I can get these yummy concoctions? Which one is the best (although it's not very hard to make great chocolate-covered espresso beans)?

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  1. Try Soma in the Distillery District...great chocolate, strong beans (just don't eat after 6pm)

    1. probably not as good as soma -- but you can buy these at ANY starbucks

      1. Soma is tops by far! David Castellan imports some of his chocolate nibs from Venezuela- giving anything he makes in true artisanal fashion, a dreamy creamyness and richness that tastes superlative to anything else I'v tried. He does awesome tumbled Australian ginger and nut clusters as well as on-site made gelato, chocolate dipped cookies and the beans you long for...

        1. You can find good ones at Starbucks.

          1. I also would say go for to Soma. Also, Pusateri's sells some decent ones. Whole Foods sells organic ones. There's a cute lil chocolate shop on Bayview, between Eglinton and Davisville, they sometimes sell them.