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Sep 17, 2004 07:08 PM

Korean food on the Peninsula

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Hi! Anyone have any suggestions for a good Korean place for lunch on the Peninsula (preferably San Bruno, Millbrae, SSF, San Mateo, Burlingame area)? BBQ, Tofu House...anything yummy will work!


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  1. This is south of where you want to go but there is a teeny tiny Korean spot in Mt View on Villa near Castro called Totoro. Very casual, but I like their Hot Pots. Family owned....or at least appears to be.

    1. Resuresting an old post.. Is there any improvement to the Korean food scene on the Peninsula?

      All I know of is the recently reviewed place in San Carlos and the BBQ place in San Bruno on El Camino.

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        Which BBQ place in San Bruno on El Camino are you referring to? I'd love to find out there was a good Korean BBQ nearby!

        Kathy/Kuisine (formerly KathySK)

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          I'd love to get an update on that place. I noticed it recently driving by. It's on the bayside of El Camino. Don't know if it's under the same ownership as when I first tried it 20 years ago when I worked in SB. It was my first taste of Korean food and the woman proprietor used to sample me on things that she cooked for her family that weren't on the menu. . . because she didn't think non-Koreans would order them.

      2. There's also a Tofu House on El Camino in Palo Alto that is related to the one of the same name on El Camino in Santa Clara. I haven't been by to check out the PA location, but the SC version of the spicy tofu soups (soondubu) is very tasty. The menus are limited to 4 or 5 renditions of the tofu soup, a couple kinds of bbq meat, a tofu salad, and bibimbap.

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        1. I went to the Korean BBQ place in San Carlos (it's on El Camino Real, closest X Street Hull Dr.) It has both table top BBQ and tofu. The food is fine but little pricey. I guess I am used to having very good Korean food in Koreatown when I lived in L.A.