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Aug 7, 2006 11:49 AM

Stuffed Olive Recipes??

Hello all,

A while ago I had a nice tapas meal at a restaurant on the Danforth in Toronto called Embrujo Flamenco.

While there I had some delicious stuffed olives...there was a variety of stuffings. Some salmon with lemon and caper, some anchovie, and then others I can't remember.

Does anyone have any really good stuffed olives recipes?


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    1. My family has traditionally made stuffed olives for the holidays. I don't have an exact recipe. We simple make a hamburg mixture exactly the way you would make meatballs. Using your finger, stuff the largest olives you can find with the "meatball" mixture. Now roll the olives in beaten egg and then in seasoned breadcrumbs and fry. In the part of Italy my family is from, these are famous. They are also found in bars in both Italy and Spain because they are salty and make you drink. Hope you give them a try.

      1. I like stuffing mine with an almond and blue cheese. One of my favorite snacks :)

        1. Are these Spanish olives that you all are stuffing?

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            Good question.. I just get giant, pitted olives from a bar at a Portuguese grocer. Not sure what kind they are or where they get them from.

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              Well, I am not sure. What sort of olives should I stuff?


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                I've never stuffed olives before, but I would say large Spanish ones, I saw these colossal green olives at an Italian market at lunch today and bought some. I'm going to have my daughter stuff them tonight with sundried tomatos. I'll let you know how they come out.

            2. Well I'll confess that I've been too lazy to stuff my own. But I've had the type that LindaBarabara mentions and am going to remember to make them for the holidays. They are well worth the trouble and you can't buy them.

              But my local Italian grocer sells terrific stuffed olives with gorgonzola and pine nuts and my favorite: prosciutto and sharp provolone! Theirs are so good that it never seemed to make sense stuffing them myself.