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Aug 7, 2006 11:24 AM

Asian markets in Triangle area?

Hi, would appreciate any rec.s for Asian markets -- those that might sell frozen dumplings! I have a huge craving for soup dumplings.


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  1. Grand Asia over in Cary. Tons of choices and good quality. My wife said the soup at the cafeteria area reminded her of home.

    1. Certainly Grand Asia of Cary is the most impressive, but you don't need to drive that far if you're in Durham. Asia Market on 15-501 near Guglhupf Bakery is actually pretty good. Though I've never tried any of their frozen dumplings, I've noticed that they sell a ton of different kinds. They also sell most of the other goodies that you might be looking for.

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        Thank you for the rec. Asia Market is a relatively short drive and it is fine for now.
        I bought: Pork and scallion dumplings, Pork mini buns (smaller versions of soup dumplings), and pork gyoza. Also, fermented black bean paste, chinese cooking wine, chinese red vinegar, sichuan peppercorns, thai chili paste, and chinese preserved pork sausage.

        I don't recommend the crackers. I usually love chinese crackers, but the ones i bought were stale.

        Overall great though, thanks!

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          The market in Durham that detlefchef refers to sells Wei-Chuan dumplings and pot stickers and also O'Tasty brand. The latter is my preference. Lady at the register's, too--when I brought them up she remarked, "Oh, these are very good!" I agree--the pork and vegetable pot stickers are excellent and very easy to prepare.

          The market in Cary is great, too, especially if you're into variety meats. There's an even bigger Asian specialty store in Garner. I've only been once, though, because it's so far out of the way. My impression is that there was very little there I couldn't also find at Grand Asia Market in Cary.

        2. There is also an asian market just off of 15-501 in Durham. It is on the the access road that runs parallel to 15-501 past the McDonalds across from the target (ABC is also on this access road). The market is in the same complex as the Tire King. I found some very nice mushrooms at this market.

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          1. re: durhameater

            Yup, I forgot to mention that one. It seems to have more Korean stuff than the others.

            1. re: durhameater

              i'm sorry, i'm new to the area. could you give me the name or more precise directions?
              thanks a lot.

              1. re: fara

                If yer driving north on 15-501, you'll see the super plaza on your right with SuperTarget & Super Sam's Club. On that same side of the road there is an access road that runs pretty much beside 15-501, but allows you to get into all the stores, car washes, etc that you see. The Asian market is in a little brown building that looks like it sustained some serious act of arson. This building is before the road forks off to head to Guglhupf.

                And now that I think about it, is this market still open ? I thought I recall not seeing it there anymore last I drove by.

                1. re: Nab

                  Yeah, someone told me it had closed.

                  1. re: Nab

                    They moved. Now they're next to the tire store, behind the Karate Studio on the frontage road that is across 15-501 from the Target/Sam's Club. It's right down the frontage road from Michael Jordan Nissan

                    1. re: detlefchef

                      So it's the same place I went to yesterday. Asia Market on Chapel Hill Rd.

              2. The place next to the Nissan dealership IS NOT the same place as you went yesterday. Asia Market is next to Guglhupf and Bisquitville. The other place (I believe it's called Oriental Grocery or something) is as I described across 15-501 from the Target, Carolina Ale House, VW dealership, etc. It is not on 15-501 (as Asia Market is) rather on a frontage road.

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                1. re: detlefchef

                  I don't recommend this place. Their prices are a lot hgiher than Asia Market's. They are tidier, more spacious, and more brightly lit but these things do not make up for their high prices IMO.

                  1. re: bbqme

                    I agree that anything that they both sell can be had at Asia Mkt cheaper, but they've got a bunch of (specifically Korean) products that Asia Mkt doesn't have. I'm buying essentially all my Asian products now from Silver Wok in Chapel Hill because he's been quite willing to work with me and bring in what I need at a very fair price. As soon as he can source the few things I'm getting from Oriental Grocery...

                    1. re: detlefchef

                      Just a few things - first, the phone number to the Oriental Supermarket is 919-489-5116. Their new address is 3738 Chapel Hill Blvd. Interesting discussion. I only shop at the Oriental Supermarket because I'm primarily looking for Korean food and theirs seems to be the freshest. Also, I find the women who works there is very helpful and sweet. She knows a lot, especially about Korean cooking. Plus, their new location is MUCH nicer than their last place.

                2. Just about every ethnic market in the triangle is listed in the link below.