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Aug 7, 2006 07:44 AM

HELP #2 creme brulee creme brulee is not setting..what happened?!? how can i save it?

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  1. Are you making the kind that is cooked on the stove, or the kind that is baked in a water bath? The baked kind is much easier and more foolproof. I worked in a restaurant where we made the pre-cooked kind and it was extremely tricky and often didn't set up.

    I can supply a recipe for the baked kind if you need one.

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    1. re: kittyfood

      i baked it in a water bath. and the recipe called for 4 yolks but i had 6 so i just added 1/4 each of the other ingredients.. Also, i accidentally boiled over the cream. does that have anything to do with it?

      It's lavender scented too. I'm interested in yours though!

      1. re: yum

        I don't know if this matters, but when you went from 4 yolks to 6 yolks, you increased by 50%, not 25%.

        1. re: yum

          Ditto, yayadave. Also, if you boiled over the cream you lost some of it, which would contribute to the custard not setting.

          1. re: Non Cognomina

            With the arithmetic error and the lost of some cream, the custard should have set even firmer. Now there is less cream to egg yolk. The egg yolks are what make the custard set. There are only 4 ingredients in creme brulee...flavoring such as vanilla, cream, egg yolks and sugar. There are two explanations, either you have too much cream for the egg yolks or you didn't bake it long enough. Did you put it into a HOT water bath?

            1. re: PBSF

              yea.. it said to bake for 40 minutes in hot water bath. but i had it in there for over an hour because it wasn't setting... i must have done something wrong in between.. anyone have a good recipe? all kinds of flavors are welcome.. i was trying a lavender scented one..

      2. Might be able to help if give your recipe. Have you successfully made the recipe before?

        1. I suspect your cream/egg custard was overcooked. Did you check the temperature before putting it into the oven?

          America's Test Kitchen has a good recipe with variations on their website. They give lots of information on what to look for, so it's pretty bulletproof.

          1. What kind of pan/ramekin/cup are you using to bake in? Using a deep pan or deep ramekin will dramatically increase the cooking time before the creme brulee will set. I know, I had to serve creme brulee "soup" once at a dinner party. It was good nonetheless.