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Aug 7, 2006 06:59 AM

Need advice for a few meals around Southern Oregon Coast

Hello PNW hounds! I don't frequent this board much but am excited for an upcoming road trip to your area. Husband and I are driving up the coast from Santa Cruz, CA on Tues. We will be staying w/ my folks in the Arcata area through Thurs. night and then meandering up into Oregon on early Fri. morning.

By my estimation, we should be ready for lunch by the time we hit Brookings or Gold Beach. We will be staying in Coos Bay for that one night and will need a dinner rec nearby. We then will head back south through the 42 and down the 5. I'd like to stop in Ashland or thereabouts for lunch.

Below are the options I've dug up so far. Please give me your candid and detailed comments and let me know if I've missed anything. We want fairly casual, mid-priced places that offer something unique to the area. We especially enjoy fresh seafood, bakeries, heartfelt eateries, and a good place to taste some local wine/beer (emphasis on wine). If there's a must-visit upscale place, then I don't mind hearing about it. Thanks so much for your help, and I'll be sure to report back w/ photos!

Brookings (Fri. lunch):
Wild River Pizza

Gold Beach (Fri. lunch):
Grant's Pancake & Omelette House (do they serve lunch?)

Coos Bay (Fri. dinner):
High Tide Cafe (Charleston)
any options in Bandon?

Ashland (Sat. lunch):
Ashland Food Co-op
Morning Glory (lunch menu?)
Bread Board (lunch menu?)
Apple Cellar Bakery
Wild Goose Cafe (mixed reviews)

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  1. As a vegitarian I like the Thai place in Bandon. Surprisingly good, very good even. I've never really liked the food in Gold Beach, so I usually have lunch at the tiny health food shop in Port Orford. The Italian place in Port Orford is supposed to be very good, but I haven't had a chance to eat there yet. (Pick up a loaf of bread from there if you can.)

    1. My plan would be: Summer Jo's in Grants Pass.
      refreshing and relaxing for a breakfast/lunch
      Then you could take Hwy 238 thru the Applegate, home of several small wineries.

      It's a glorious drive, and you come out right in Jacksonville, a short hop from Ashland.
      Inti is a new Latin Taco place in Talent. In Ashland, for wine, try the Winchester Inn Wine Bar.
      I would stroll around Ashland, as Saturdays are hoppin', and see what strikes your Fancy. Allyson's is tasty.
      Down in the RR district, Lela's panninis and salads are good.
      Peerless for dinner, with a nifty Bar menu also.

      I like Old School Omar's for a Meaty lunch with a Drink.

      Our Coop is a good one, and on a Saturday should have some samples and demonstrations going on.
      Bakeries- you've got a Village Baker at the upper end of DT, by the library, and the Apple Cellar is fine too, out on 66.

      1. I'm not a huge fan of the Thai place in Bandon. For starters, no liquor licence. Also, from someone in CA, our asian scene isn't even close to yours. Having lived in the Bay Area for 20+ years, it is something we really, really miss.
        In Bandon try the pub at the golf course or the fish and chips from the blue shack on the wharf.
        Boy has commented well on Ashland.

        1. Carb Lover,
          A friend just came back from Ashland, "Yes, for breakfast a must is Morning Glory.... we liked the sandwiches at Gorilla Bites, great drinks at Black Sheep and treat yourself to a wonderful facial at Alchemy Botanicals and of course, go to the Ashland CO-OP market."

          1. Runninrob,
            I don't want to start a flame war or anything, and I totally respect your opinion, but I lived on Clement Street and Second Avenue in San Francisco for 10 year. I know and love my Asian food. While the place in Bandon isn't as good as some of the places I loved on Clement, I believe it stands up very strongly, expecially considering it's relative remote location.

            Check it out if you're there. At least look at the menu. But please stay away from the Mexican place around the corner across from the water. Cheap, but not particuarly good.

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            1. re: netphemera

              No flame intended, but I, like you, spent a bunch of time eating Asian in the Bay Area. All I'm saying is that, if one has that available on a regular basis, the Bandon experience isn't going to stack up. I guess the arguement is "standing up very strongly" statement. I have checked it out, as recently as two weeks ago (Curtis Cup) and just didn't think it that great. So, again, I stay with the fish and chip or the pub.
              One of my many dining rules is to stay away from Mexican on the coast, unless one is south of SF. Thanks for the advise anyway.