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Aug 7, 2006 04:32 AM

Eagle Rock

So, what is going in next to Cindy's? And, when will Oinkster open?

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  1. Oinkster will be opening later this month, yet you can get a preview of some of the menu items by going to Max in Sherman Oaks tonight, Aug. 7th, as there will be the pastrami sandwich, ham/cheeseburgers and fries, and maybe one or two other items available.
    Have tasted the pastrami previously and the fries are a staple on the Max menu already. And for dessert you can have a Boylan's Root beer float!
    13355 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 818.784.2915, corner Dixie Canyon.

    1. The space next to Cindy's is to be a soul food restaurant of some sort. I read about it on the TERA newsletter a couple of weeks ago, and I believe even posted it here someplace...but I've gotten to the age where if I didn't write it down and tape it to the wall in front of me I'll forget it. YOU look it up.

      We drove through there yesterday, and Mrs. O remarked that Oinkster is taking its own sweet time. Of course an hour later we were lunching at the Farmer's Market, sitting in front of Du Par's, which was supposed to be finished and open last March...

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        Will, don't suppose this might help?!
        Things happen in construction and permitting well beyond anyone's imagination.

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          Not to tell tales out of school, but I used to work for the architect who is responsible for the remodel/restoration of Du Pars. They used to have a very good reputation for historic preservation work, and then went through a change of management that wasn't interested in that type of work anymore. This change drove the project manager who was working on the project to leave the company, and therefore the project became kind of an orphan in the office with no one to take much interest. Since then, the company has gone through a merger and name change and has moved even farther away from the historic preservation field (although they still highlight it on their website). My guess is that Du Pars has simply fallen between the cracks a little bit. But last time I was at the Gumbo Pot, I noticed that it seems even less worked on than it was last time I had been there. If you are interested in finding out more, go to