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Aug 7, 2006 03:47 AM

Recent experiences with Boulder Asian joints

My first choice is still Chez Thuy for their pho or noodle bowls with grilled meats and eggrolls. Last night we had a mediocre meal from Moongate Asian Bistro between 16th and 17th. I had great tempura udon soup there one night, we've had good thai and vietnamese dishes there, and the first night we went the food was excellent. Last night we ate lo mein and sesame chicken; after the ultimate in sesame chicken at Orchid Pavilion (a great lunch bargain) or at Ping's Favorite, the stuff from Moongate turned out to be a poor second, especially after being carried home. Speaking of Ping's Favorite, we went there today and I split with my daughter a fabulous crispy fish in chef's special sauce lunch entree. My friend had what looked like a great asparagus and shrimp in a clear sauce. The egg drop soup was nicely sesame-laced. All was very good and served pleasantly. Sad we were the only ones in there, but it was 3:30 pm. (Places like Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy's and Qdoba always seem busy.) But China Gourmet has fallen off our list and I'm wondering if I'm overlooking some other local Asian gem around Boulder. My friend led me to Khow Thai, and I'm enjoying their green curry. Gemini Thai is nice, too. But if you know anything I don't, do dish here. And I haven't even gotten started on good sushi in Boulder (although I do think Tora has the last word).

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  1. Have you tried Spice China? I think it's in Louisville or Lafayette.

    1. Check out Kim's at Broadway and University. No indoor seating but great food at great prices. Outstanding Guoi Cuon.
      Also, Tu Lien in downtown Louisville has fantastic rice noodle bowls. Like 'em better than Chez Thuy.
      Golden Lotus on 28th also does a good job.
      All in all, I find Boulder's Chinese to be fairly middle of the road. Good tastes but nothing pushing the "authentic" envelope.

      1. You're right. Spice China is decent and has a wide variety of dishes, but I still don't think it's as good as Orchid Pavilion. It's more reasonably priced -- a good family restaurant. I've never been disappointed there. And Kim's -- thanks for reminding me about that place and giving me a new dish to try. (Although last time I ate there I ruined some piece of clothing with their yummy curry sauce because I tried eating my lunch al fresco across the street in the campus gardens, sans table or chair....) I'll check out Tu Lien and give the Golden Lotus another try one day, too. One thing about Ping's Favorite I didn't mention for those hounds who haven't been there is that she has a list of very interesting and unique specialties. We've eaten several things from that menu and liked them a lot.