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Aug 7, 2006 02:57 AM

Char Char Char Restaurant - Brisbane

Booked in there for dinner on Saturday night. Does anyone have any recnt experience/menu recommendations from there? Cheers.

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  1. Char Char Char was great! Well worth visiting if in the area. basically an upmarket steak house, but the seafood is also excellent. Boasts a most impressive wine list. Pier Nine, another well known Brisbane restaurant is also just a few metres away. Great time had by all

    1. We didn't particularly feel this place was much cop. We felt very rushed by the table staff and for a place purported to be the best steak house in Brisbane, the only decent plate of meat we got out of four plates with different cuts was the Wagyu Beef.


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        I have been to there several times and always come away feeling dissapointed. The place has an air of arrogance about it: Its a Steak House, yes but its mainly the place for "Suits" to be seen celebrating and rubbing shoulders with other similar suits. (I number myself as a suit!) Slightly sneering table staff, arrogant bar staff, expensive but poor value wine list and I have not ever left there thinking "Wow, fantastic steak!".

        There are certainly better Steak venues in Brisbane.