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Lunch Rittenhouse Square area, not too flashy

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Any ideas for a business lunch near 17th and Locust? Not looking to overdo it but anything around 50 bucks for two. I was thinking Devon Seafood Grill..........
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not sure if you are looking to be right on the square or not, but I like Pietro's. You could split a medium pizza and salad for around $25. Nice outdoor seating, casual, and good pizza.

    1. You can also try Marathon on the Square at 19th and Spruce.

      Just a stretch...but Nineteen at the Bellevue serves a good Express Business Lunch for quite an affordable price.

      1. you should try Rouge- they have a nice menu, and if you like burgers, they have an amazing gourmet one on the menu. They have both indoor & outdoor seating.

        1. The burger at Rouge is incredible!!!

          Wanna go cheap? Walk around the corner to Little Petes. Big plates of good food for small bucks.

          1. The fish at the Devon Grill's not so hot. There are better places around the square for your business!

            1. My favorite place is Tria, 18th & Sansom. Really good paninis and salads, great selection of beer and wine.

              1. You wouldn't be too far from Monk's at 16th and spruce, but this is very casual; beers and burgers.

                1. A little way off the square is Matyson, on 19th between Market and Chestnut. Wonderful food. However, it's BYOB - no good if you need a place to have a drink.

                  1. Thanks to all! I love this board.........

                    1. As DanielleM says Monk's is a great little cafe for lunch. I particularly like to order the mussels, they come in a crock and are served with a side of delicious fries with a mayo infused with some type of whisky. Their selection of mussels are noteworhty. They also have a great beer selection especially some of the lesser known Belgium varieties.