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Aug 7, 2006 01:56 AM

BYOB tipping?

Hey folks.
Heading to dinner Tuesday at a place where we can (and will) bring in our own wine. What do you think is a reasonable way to calculate the tip. There's no corkage fee, by the way.

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  1. Just calculate it on the cost of the food. I mean, are you taking your own glasses as well?

    If they don't charge corkage and you're using their glasses, then it's good manners to add a bit to the bill. You could always go on what you would have paid on the wine, had you got it from them. Or, you could pay by the bottle, which seems a bit silly seeing as how they themselves don't chrage corkage.

    I typically don't go to BYOB so I'm not the best pseron to respond.


    1. I never thought much about it until you mentioned this, but I always go by the amount of the bill. Maybe add a few bucks if they don't charge corkage if it'll make you feel better. At least the BYO's I've gone too, they open it for me, we do the rest. Not sure any extra tip is warranted.

      1. If the staff is involved in serving it, you should tip on it. Use the lesser of actual cost of the bottle or the very rough median price of the bottles on wine list.

        1. If there is no corkage and they allow BYOB, then tip what you think is fair. I think $5 is justified per bottle. The same should hold true if you bring a birthday cake that you ask the wait staff to serve.

          1. I think that if they wanted to charge a service charge on the wine, they would charge a corkage fee. So I wouldn't feel a need to tip on the price of the wine or provide your own corkage fee, as some others suggested. I would just be a little more generous in calculating your tip based on the actual bill.

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              Hi Nicole.
              Just to clarify, they usually have a corkage fee but waive it on Tuesdays. Which isn't why we're going Tuesday -- it's just a timing thing; happens to be my birthday.

              1. re: tuqueboy

                I think that's all the more reason to not worry about tipping extra to replace corkage..."no corkage Tuesdays" wouldn't be much of a promotion if diners felt obligated to replace the restaurant's corkage with their own corkage fee! Anyway, don't worry about this too much and have a wonderful birthday dinner. :)