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Aug 7, 2006 01:36 AM

rosa's place (finch/weston) anyone been?

hey folks.
i've got to go to a family function at rosa's place in a couple of weeks, and i'm just wondering if anyone's been. menu looks like old school pasta and red sauce kind of italian. the original venue for the function was a soon to be opened restaurant in burlington whose construction schedule was, let's say, a little off.

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  1. I went with a group of lawyers who work next door at the North York courts on Arrow Road. They were hosting a group of educators who wanted to check out the legal system from the trenches.

    Food was traditional. Service was formal and old-fashioned. But then again, the host was a judge.

    This was a number of years ago and I apologize for not giving you a good Chowreport. I was most in awe of my dining companions and not paying as much attention to the food. The legal types were all regulars so if that helps.

    1. It's not the worst Italian I've ever had...nor does blow your mind. I've been there a couple of times, while stuck at court and it's "okay."

      I could see how it would be good for family functions, weddings, etc; It's kind of your average mass production Italian meal that satifies a large group.