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Aug 7, 2006 01:25 AM

Max's Philipino Resturaunt in Glendale

Been twice in the last week. The food is pretty good... I think the best bang for the buck are the combos with fried chicken, rice, and lumpia for $6.50 plus tax. Their fried chicken is very distinct in a delectable way, the chicken is very crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside.

The inside is very clean, the servers were well dressed and courteous. Food came out pretty fast, well presented. For dessert had some halo-halo (shaved ice), shared between 3 people, also exquisite.

Try this place you won't regret!

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  1. hmmm...didn't know it was still opened. Its a chain based out of Manila.....whenever I go there, I always end up at Max's.

    Every try Salo Salo grill in Glendale? I like that place for filipino food.

    1. If you're Filipino, you will hate Max's in Glendale with a passion.

      You will hate the lousy service.

      You will hate the fact that waiter-customer arguments happen there.

      You will hate the fact that this chicken is nothing to write home about, especially since you or a relative of yours can make a better one at home.

      You will hate the fact that this food is greasy, nonspectacular Filipino fare, and that other establishments do a better job at it.

      You will hate the fact that it resembles in no way the real Max's Chicken in the Philippines.

      You will hate the fact that this place wasn't closed down years ago.

      You will hate anything and evetything about Max's in Glendale.

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        I've been there a few times and the crowd is usually 80-90% Filipino. Must mean they have at least decent food or else all the native Filipino's wouldn't go there.

        1. re: Silent_Android

          I think you need to tell us how you really feel. You could at least have named the other establishments you think do a better job. I've been to Max's and thought it was passable. Wouldn't make a point of going out of my way, but if there is better I'm eager to try it.

        2. The name says it all. The ONLY thing you should have there is the chicken. Salo Salo Grill, also in Glendale is known for their grilled dishes. I can't say much about their other entrees.

          If you really want a range of Filipino dishes, check out Alejandro's in Eagle Rock - 4126 Verdugo, 90065. This family owned establishment is only 6 mos. old but they've got a great crew in the kitchen and are always super friendly. Apparently a couple of the chefs are from the now-closed Barrio Fiesta, originally of Manila and Glendale, CA.

          BTW, in the lingua franca alphabet of the Philippines, there is no "F" which is why sometimes you'll see Pilipino. But most of the time you'll see Filipino...tomatoe...tomato. Happy eating.

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          1. re: grc

            "BTW, in the lingua franca alphabet of the Philippines, there is no "F" which is why sometimes you'll see Pilipino. But most of the time you'll see Filipino...tomatoe...tomato. Happy eating."

            You'll see "Filipino" or "Pilipino" but "Philipino" is always wrong.

          2. I'm Filipino and I'll eat at Zankou's over Max's any day.

            1. I discovered a really decent restaurant in Glendale... the SaloSalo Grill. This is the one I've been looking for in a long time. This restaurant is beautiful and the food is great.

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              1. re: krissie philippe chen

                I haven't been to Salo Salo yet but my cousins on the Filipino side of the family really enjoy the place. They also took me to another place in Glendale called Davao Tuna Grill which actually serves healthy Filipino food (as opposed to all that fat and grease in most other Filipino dishes). I believe that place is on the lower level of a 2-story minimall on Central, just a half mile south of the Galleria.